Star Via Twitter

seo webandrank article.thumbnail Star Via TwitterFor some strange reason Kanye West the very famous and very rich US rapper, producer and show man has decided to follow only one person on Twitter in what I believe to be a great bit of marketing.
This is one hell of a lesson for any businesses out there that think Social Media is irrelevant in creating new business and ranking high in search engine queries.
Kanye West earned recognition by producing for Jay-Z on the Blueprint album, he then went onto launch his first solo album which received critical acclaim. Kanye West is now considered a super producer, rapper, entrepreneur and show man. Only recently has Kanye West become a part of the Twitter community. In what Webrankrank believes to be a very clever display of viral style marketing, Mr West has only followed one person. This person is Stephen Holmes from Coventry.
article webandrank seo Star Via Twitter
West tweeted Mr Holmes saying ‘you are the chosen one dun dun dun’, the impact this has had for Holmes is staggering. His followers have increased from around 60 to over 4,000. If you think about this move from the Kanye West PR team in marketing terms it is seriously clever. Who is going to talk about another celebrity joining Twitter? Nobody is the answer, but who is going to talk about a celebrity joining Twitter and only following one random person? A lot of people, this is a viable news story. This story has already been covered on the BBC and Mr West already has over 400,000 followers. This tactic also shows the power he has to make others famous.
I feel a quotation coming on, if you were distracted enough to miss the Pandas and Lobsters argument then I suggest you go read it now.  Anyway ‘There are lots of whales on Twitter – celebrity whales to attract us, and fail whales to repel us. As opposed to Facebook, which hates whales because whales distract lobsters from the traps’.
Kanye West is one giant whale and Twitterers are drawn to him in some crazed fashion. I think this story does show the power of Social Media as a marketing tool. Applications like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are totally free and extremely easy to use. If you have a small business there is no harm by logging on and registering. You can make connections and promote your business. There is little harm that can come of this but a whole lot of good, it can increase brand exposure and jump you up the search engine rankings. If you are as lucky as Mr Holmes you can really do some good for your business marketing.
Mr Holmes seems to be baffled and pressured by all of this sudden attention and admits that he now ‘feel(s) pressure with my tweets’, Kanye went on to say ‘tweet strong young man tweet strong!!!’.
This is not the first time this has happened, in March this year Conan O’Brien decided to follow one person on Twitter, creating the same effect as Kanye West for a 19-year-old student.
In the era of celebrity Twitter really is a whale machine, as an adult I am happy that I am old enough to have missed the Justin Beiber Twitter weirdness. You think we all need to chill out on this celebrity thing, why would you want to follow somebody just because Kanye West is following them? Imagine him on his computer laughing his head-off, at the kind of impact he has on people. For me Social Media is nothing more then a great marketing tool for small businesses, use it or be left behind just try not to get sucked into the celebrity worship.