Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the World

Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the World 150x150 Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the WorldApple has nearly finalised a deal with four major record labels which will bring iCloud to the world. iCloud will be a cloud service used for streaming music from a huge new Apple data centre in North Carolina. The data centre is set to be the most powerful data centre second only to government servers, it will be able to handle millions of streams per minute Continue Reading

About Cell Phone Radiation

about cellular mobile radiation.thumbnail About Cell Phone RadiationMaybe Mobile Phones Do Give Us Cancer
A new publication is again raising the issue of mobile phones being detrimental to our health. The book comes out of the University of Pittsburgh, is written by Devra Davis and is titled Disconnect.
The main focus is on the increased risks of brain cancer. Continue Reading


obama google.thumbnail Obamgoogle In a bid to stir up the ‘spirit of 2008’ Obama met with Apple boss Steve Jobs last Thursday. The meeting is reported to have been about US energy independence, American competitiveness, education and ways to create new jobs. The meeting took place in a hotel in San Francisco.
The midterm elections are far from secure for Obama Continue Reading

Is WebProNews Boring?

webpronews news.thumbnail Is WebProNews Boring?For last few years we have followed WebProNews and have enjoyed the content posted there. Recently I found myself not bothering to check the WebProNews blog on a daily basis as the stories are simply not interesting any more.
I noticed that their Alexa ranking has slumped to the lowest point in the last three Continue Reading

Bill Gates Ranking Top of US Rich

tn4.thumbnail Bill Gates Ranking Top  of US RichBill Gates is crowned the wealthiest person in the US for the 17th year in a row.
Microsoft is still as relevant as ever and continues to make its founders bundles of money while Facebook proves that social media means big business. Continue Reading

Google and Ranking Result Accuracy

tech webandrank blog archive.thumbnail Google and Ranking Result AccuracyOn a recent Google Webmaster Help video loaded onto YouTube, Google explained how accurate is for determining the number of pages in the Google index.
Mr Matt Cutts explains how site: queries are not accurate Google simply tries to estimate the amount of pages in an index and does not give an exact figure. Continue Reading