WordPress Writing Help Pro Blogger

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WordPress Writing Helper makes Writing Easier.Well, a little bit easier anyway. WordPress have added a new feature to speed up the writing process and improve the technical quality of blog posts for the pro bloggers. The new feature is called Writing Helper and sits underneath the edit box on the Add a Post Screen and dragged Continue Reading

Tutorial About How to Start a Blog for Beginners

Tutorial About How to Start a Blog for Beginners Tutorial About How to Start a Blog for BeginnersMake a blog is one of the most effective instrument to make an online business, make money or just writing your personal view. With blogging, you don’t limit your passion and creativity online you will find out how to make a nice blog.

Tutorial about How to start a blog  for beginners. Continue Reading

Some New Thoughts on Blogging

some new thoughts on blogging.thumbnail Some New Thoughts on BloggingWhy do so many bloggers think that I want to know their viewpoints on something that generally is already accepted?  I wonder at times if people don’t write to stimulate thought at level of a 6-year-old.

I generally don’t read blogs or respond to them because to question anything that they have written, is seen as a personal attack.  Continue Reading

Deja Vu All Over Again

internet california.thumbnail Deja Vu All Over AgainOne day, in one of my high school English classes, a student asked a good question. Why do the books become harder to read every year. My answer was that otherwise we would still be reading at the third grade level. Listening to a classical station, a prominent one over the Internet, that question popped into my head again. Continue Reading


webandrank the blog.thumbnail The BLOGAnd so it is that after a successful foray into a one-hour-a-morning series of articles, I’m bereft. An issue has inserted itself into my writing life, the blog, that pragmatic approach to content which goes against my esoteric grain. Once again I’m out of the norm. The blog is the modern version of the older print magazine Popular series Continue Reading

Integrating Video and Audio on a Blog

joe vitale webandrank blog.thumbnail Integrating Video and Audio on a BlogIn years past, a blog was comprised of one thing: text. In time, the ability to add pictures was integrated into the function of the blog. This proved to be a tremendous benefit to the blog writers and publishers since they could now effectively illustrate their blog entries making them akin to an electronic magazine. Continue Reading