More Social Media Increase Your Market Intelligence

intelligence social media webandrank.thumbnail More Social Media Increase Your Market IntelligenceWebandrank is back again to help you improve your Social Media Efforts. All the Social Media bloggers keep saying how you can enhance your Social Media accounts for maximum optimisation, what exactly are all these techniques? Well here’s some for your people, enjoy using them. Continue Reading

The Classic SEO Mistakes

tn webandrank seo mistake.thumbnail The Classic SEO MistakesWhat are the things you should avoid when it comes to SEO marketing?

Many people are fighting for those top positions; SEO and SEM are the chosen weapons of Webmasters all over the world. SEO like in a real war has rules of engagement and breaking these rules can have detrimental effects. One of these will see you at The Hague the other will see a loss in website traffic.

What should you avoid when optimizing your search engine ranking?

Do not try to fool the search engines by using blackhat SEO techniques such as gateway pages or sneaky redirects. These can cause you to be banned by Google, Yahoo etc. Continue Reading

How Social Media Activity Translates Into Real Profits

img00357 20091225 0954 webandrank.thumbnail  How Social Media Activity Translates Into Real ProfitsIs Social Media just too uncontrollable and unpredictable; are the real profits to be made in predictable and measurable SEO.

Johns Wu in a recent interview has shot down Social Media and has stated that SEO is the real way to make money.

Johns Wu, is a blogging genesis, in 2006 he started the blog and 3 years later he sold it for $14.9 million., was created and run by Johns alone, he exclusively used search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques to climb the rankings.

Mr Wu, is currently travelling the world and is not an easy man to track down but somebody was able to pin him down for a revealing interview. Continue Reading

High Web Ranking For Real Estate

snd02.thumbnail High Web Ranking For Real EstateGetting effective content for your website is one of the big challenges for real estate developer and  real estate properties search engine optimization company faces. It is most important to get unique content if you want to do the best in real estate and villa for sale.

The more quality content you can build around  the better is for your site. You must increase your property keyword density to at least 4% for your first keyword phrases, use  smart techniques such as header tag including key words such as property sale , comment tag with real estate, description tag with property related and keyword tag with property as some examples to build and maximize the amount of  keywords around land and other key words, you can display to your potential buyers for residential market.

You need to also use keywords in your file names and use adjectives such as beautiful properties, estate, best agent etc, to emotionally drive your websites persuasion and credibility as well as hits around real estate key words. Use testimonials from holiday rentals, descriptions of  properties communities, homes, real estate developers, property history, real estate events and anything related to property sale in your area.

If you use these special SEO property real estate techniques, your keywords around and property will have greater value in the eyes of  search engine. When you build your site similar in structure to this, you will have tremendous results. Websites that are build around this format will have a challenge bumping up their rank of internal pages when someone search around key words related to real estate, because of the way their database names URL. It is important to keep URL short and to the point. Have a specific real estate related  theme for each page your write and stick  with it. Also, make sure that your content is grammatically correct.

If  you have a high web ranking website you can post your comment and help the real estate webmaster to get those high web ranking and answer to this questions:

Why my website is not in the top ranking?

What is the better keyword for my website?

Why my website dont have any visit?

What is ranking services?

Can link removals hurt ranking?

 Terje H. Nilsen

Blog Thinker

rank website webandrank.thumbnail Blog Thinker  Blogging for Links grow your business opportunities :
Blogging have gained popularly because they enable millions of conversations to take place on the social Internet.The Blogs is an extremely effective media for get a lot inbound links and visitor for your website is one of the first strategies for implementing a traffic opportunities on your site that can bring the most useful benefit to your business.
Many recent studies tried to understanding the size of the Blogosphere,in terms of the number of bloggers and blog readers,all of these studies agree that blogs are now a global phenomenon.Scientists have long known the therapeutic benefit of benefits of writing about personal experiences that it improves memory and sleep.The best way to implement your blog is on a compelling content from subject matter experts, readers want be informed.The blogoshpere is changing very fast.Is good for you content value started to participate in the Social Web is also the best opportunities for promotion of your blog.

State of the Blogosphere / 2008

The Blogosphere is the internet community of all blogs. Since all blogs are on the Internet by definition, they may be seen as interconnected and socially networked. Discussions “in the Blogosphere” have been used by the media as a gauge of public opinion on various issues.
Accordig to blogpulse “Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin are leaders in the blogosphere today based on overall citations,from the Key People ranking on, holding the first and second slots, respectively. Britney Spears, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Paul Newman round out the top five, while Democrats Joe Biden and Barack Obama are ranked 12 and 14, respective
*   comScore MediaMetrix (August 2008)

o Blogs: 77.7 million unique visitors in the US

o Facebook: 41.0 million | MySpace 75.1 million

o Total internet audience 188.9 million

* eMarketer (May 2008)

o 94.1 million US blog readers in 2007 (50% of Internet users)

o 22.6 million US bloggers in 2007 (12%)

* Universal McCann (March 2008)

o 184 million WW have started a blog | 26.4 US

o 346 million WW read blogs | 60.3 US

o 77% of active Internet users read blogs

Make sure you are submitting quality comment to W.a.R blog is a big opportunities for promote your blog don’t stuff it with links in order to avoid spammy behavior.If you Write a post about one of our articles and link to it, send to us an e-mail about your post, we love it.