W.a.R. Blog Mobile version

warblog mobile W.a.R. Blog Mobile versionThe 12% of our global traffic come from mobile device so from today WaR blog is available also in mobile version for all mobile phones and smart phone, the new WP Mobile Detector gives to our readers a great mobile experience with advanced mobile statistics, image resizing, automatically formatted content.Many thanks to websitez.com for offers a better WaR blog mobile interface and for all the plugin future Continue Reading

About Cell Phone Radiation

about cellular mobile radiation.thumbnail About Cell Phone RadiationMaybe Mobile Phones Do Give Us Cancer
A new publication is again raising the issue of mobile phones being detrimental to our health. The book comes out of the University of Pittsburgh, is written by Devra Davis and is titled Disconnect.
The main focus is on the increased risks of brain cancer. Continue Reading

The New Twitter Look

screenhunter 03 oct 01 1740.thumbnail The New Twitter LookTwitter has finished rolling out its new look and most people like what the Twitter team have done. Being able to embed media and the new search functions make the site much easier to use moving it closer to becoming one giant blog.
Webandrank.com took a long hard look at the new layout and here are 1o things you need to know. Continue Reading

Bill Gates Ranking Top of US Rich

tn4.thumbnail Bill Gates Ranking Top  of US RichBill Gates is crowned the wealthiest person in the US for the 17th year in a row.
Microsoft is still as relevant as ever and continues to make its founders bundles of money while Facebook proves that social media means big business. Continue Reading

Androids Taking Over the UK

android webandrank seo article.thumbnail Androids Taking Over the UKWe are all aware of the ever growing popularity of the Android mobile phone. Research from GfK Retail and Technology indicate that in the UK, Android’s share of the mobile market has jumped to 13.2% in the second quarter from only 3% in the first – quite significant me thinks.

This is not the only surprise, contract market sales grew by less than 1%, at the same time, according to the firm, the sales of Androids phones grew by 350%. Continue Reading

Apple Absolutely Killing It: 3.27 Million iPads Sold in June Quarter

black mozaik 1dciflrtb.thumbnail Apple Absolutely Killing It: 3.27 Million iPads Sold in June QuarterIn the last quarter Apple absolutely killed it in sales, more than expected. Shipments of iPad, Mac and iPod were all higher than they had guessed.

Here are the figures (products shipped by Apple):


3.27 million iPads

3.47 million Macs

9.4 million iPods

8.4 million iPhone

Apple are happy about the high Mac number as this means the iPad is yet to eat up all the Mac sales. Continue Reading