Mobile Phone Credit Cards are Nearly Upon Us

ScreenHunter 01 Feb. 24 20.55 Mobile Phone Credit Cards are Nearly Upon UsSome technologies just seem to take a long time to appear. The talk of mobile phone credit cards has been working the grape vine for years now. It is possible to have a 3D TV in your living room; most people would think that having a simple payment system integrated into a mobile phone would already be functioning. Continue Reading

The Top 10 IT & Technology Stories to Follow

As the beach resorts or the mointain around the world empty out and sun tanned office workers return to their desks, what stories are worth following in the last part of 2010?
IT and technology is a never ending soap opera of highs and lows, and looks as if from September onwards the soap opera will be as interesting as ever. Continue Reading

Venus And Mars Use Internet

men woman webandrank.thumbnail Venus And Mars Use InternetI have been wondering if there is any truth in the myth that there aren’t many women working in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO), opting instead for jobs in Social Media (SM).

Taking a look around some of the articles that tackle this subject you would think it was taboo. Discussing the differences between men and women seems perfectly appropriate to me; the world of business has typically been dominated by men but this has been changing since the 60’s. In the ultra-modern world of the Internet it is important that women don’t get left behind, looking around at all the tech news, tech review, SEO, blog tips, hacker tricks etc they are all dominated by male writers. Continue Reading

Google Apps Now in India

google apps now in india webandrank.thumbnail Google Apps Now in IndiaIndia is one of the countries at the fore-front of the tech-industry. Indian tech engineers now work all over the world as their expertise is in short supply. The large population of India will soon have better access to Google Apps. Google and Tata Communications stated that they have struck a deal that involves both India and Google Apps.

A representative from Tata Communications explained that they ‘Tata Communications is partnering with Google to roll-out the Google Apps portfolio of web-based office productivity applications to businesses in IndiaContinue Reading

How to Write an SEO Article

seo cup webandrank.thumbnail How to Write an SEO Article

It is obvious that the Internet has caused a revolution in the way information is shared and the newest information sharing technique to undergo a complete revolution is the press release. Press releases used to be sent to news groups and analysts for them to decide whether or not to run with a particular story – and these press releases were infamous for their short shelf-life.

The Internet serves as tool for news releases to be posted up for everyone to see, news groups, analysts, competitors and or course the potential client. These news releases have a three fold advantage over the traditional press release:

  • they have a much longer shelf-life (living for months if not years)
  • they can not only include the basic prose but can have e-media embedded within them (such as infographics, video clips, links to landing pages etc)
  • finally these news releases can be shared on a number of social networking sites and thus be able to capture millions of people in a way that was not possible 10 years ago (such sites include facebook (facebook alone has 400 million users world wide), twitter, linkedin, stumble upon, digg etc)

The important point to note is that most people like to find their information through search engines. This means that people do not like to read information sent to them through e-mails but instead prefer to trawl through web pages to find the information they need. This is where the search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. If you create a news release (that is like a mini-webpage) with SEO-friendly web content that can be posted up on servers such as PRweb or PR newswire you have much more chance of pulling-in journalists and potential clients. The news release has to be optimized to improve your search engine rankings. The potential outcomes of posting a SEO press release are as follows:

  • including a link to your business’ Website can improve your search engine rankings
  • if your release ranks highly on the news search engines such as ‘Google news’ this will increase the exposure your website gets
  • the more exposure you gain the more chance that bloggers will pick you up and write about you
  • it can help to neutralise any negative comments that might exist about your business

The questions is ‘How do I write an SEO article?’ Webandrank will help those who are trying to improve their web exposure, mainly up and coming bloggers and small business’ trying to utilize Internet marketing. Remember content is king – tech stuff comes later!!!. And make sure you follow these three golden rules:

  • it must grab the attention of potential readers
  • it must be relevant
  • it must be original, offering new and interesting content

This article will offer some useful, easy to follow steps in helping you optimize the search engine rankings of your SEO press release.

1.    Firstly, you must have a clear understanding of what you want to write and who you are writing for.
2.    Try to imagine you are back at University writing an essay, introduction (hypothesis) – main text (clearly articulated points)- conclusion (summary of the main points and concluding argument).
3.    Make sure you know the target audience’s main problem, many people search the web to find solutions for their IT problems (for example anti virus solutions). If the problem is clearly outlined without the use of technical language and hype then you have more chance of being found in search queries.
4.    Google Adwords Keyword Tool is your friend do not forget to consult it. This tool will help you find the primary keyword phrases (also referred to as SEO-friendly web content) you need to include in your SEO press release; try to find keywords that have high search traffic but are not too competitive.
5.    Once you have your keywords try to use them in strategic places such as the title, summary, subheadings, alt text and link text. Keywords included in quotes from important people are always a nice touch too.
6.    Keywords are very important but not too many. There are two camps in the SEO press release world; they are those who believe the reader is the most important and those that believe the search engines are the most important. The fact is you must strike a balance between the readable and the searchable – think of yourself like creative designer you must create something that is beautiful but practical.
7.    At least one of your keywords should be a rich-link which is linked to the most suitable landing page on your website (normally to the page that offers the solutions to the problems articulated in the news release).
8.    Do not forget to utilize all those handy little tools you have at your disposal, videos, pictures, infographics etc. The popularity of image searches is growing rapidly and including images on your news release will improve your internet marketing potential.
9.    Make sure a potential reader, if they so wish, can share the news release with social networking sites with ease. Use ‘social bookmarking’ with your release.
10.    I don’t know about you but I get bored easily when reading information on the Internet. Your article must be concise, readable, to the point and well formatted. The average optimized press release is between 450-700 words.

If you do not feel up to the task of writing an SEO press release then there are many companies that will do it for you but there are a couple of things you must look out for.

1.    Some companies will create a ‘shadow’ domain that feeds browsers to a site using deceptive redirects. The main problem is that the SEO company normally owns the shadow domain. If the relationship goes rotten between the SEO company and the client the SEO company can use the shadow domain for another website or even a competitor.
2.    The other one to look out for is the placement of ‘doorway’ or ‘bridge’ pages. These doorway pages are filled up with keyword phrases and placed somewhere on the client’s website. The ‘doorway’ page is essentially like a welcoming page but it has been used by unethical ‘blackhat’ SEO companies to attract the attention of web crawlers. The fact is that individual pages are rarely relevant for a wide range of keyword phrases; further more these ‘blackhat’ SEO companies include hidden links to the sites of their other clients (this is not exactly ideal if that other sites contains illegal or unsavoury content).

Deception by SEO companies is becoming more and more of a problem. The Federal Trade Commission FTC can take complaints regarding unfair business practices. To lodge a complaint, go to:, call 1-877-FTC-HELP or write to, Federal Trade Commission, CRC-240, Washington, D.C.20580. If you are outside of the United States you can visit

New Energy Internet Economy

cavo c1.thumbnail New Energy Internet Economy

We exspected the internet to play an increasing role in cutting energy,the future internet represents THE big business opportunity for researchers and corporations by new economic models and create marketing opportunities where they will make profits by reducing CO2 emissions. Growth in the” Internet Economy” can cut energy consumption in two important ways, one, the IT sector consumes less energy than traditional manufacturing, so growth in this sector engenders less incremental energy use, two, the internet economy appears to be increasing efficiency in every sector of the real economy,the more visible aspect is less paper and transportation.

This is a time when the internet economy is expected to grow everywhere and when the internet is expected to be used to directly save energy through all the users.In the same way that the internet changed the way that people exchange information, the emergence of distributed energy resources and continued expansion of demand management programs will significantly change the energy delivery model and necessarily the marketing methods thereby engendered.

Impact of e-commerce on energy and the environment remains the most comprehensive analyses to date on the nature and scope of the internet’s effect on energy consumption and gas emissions. If companies ,or services firms, put their stores and offices on the internet, rather than constructing new retail buildings it would represent an internet structural gain and they would have used the internet to more effectively manage their existing supply chain, it would be an efficiency gain,E.g. :

• replacing commuting with telecommuting
• replacing shopping with teleshopping
• replacing air travel with teleconferencing
• enabling digital transmission or e-materialization of a variety of goods that
are today shipped by truck, train and plane, including formerly printed
material, software, construction materials, and the like
• improving the efficiency of the supply chain
• increasing the capacity utilisation of the entire transportation system

A minute spent traveling uses 8 to 12 times as much energy, respectively, as a minute spent in service buildings or at home . Moreover, one’s home is always using a fair amount of energy, even when one is traveling. Whereas ,the family car uses energy only when it is being driven . Therefore, the incremental energy benefit of spending an extra minute online rather than traveling is even greater than 12 to 1 . Heavy internet users spend less time driving than average so use less energy . A war for access to energy sources has started .