Yahoo Makes Changes to its Associated Content Pages

yahoo content.thumbnail Yahoo Makes Changes to its Associated Content PagesThe phrase ‘associated content’ gets used a lot these days but what does it exactly mean?

Associated Content according to wiki ‘is an online publisher and distributor of original content. Associated Content enables anyone to publish their content on any topic and distributes that content through its website and content partners’. Continue Reading

Special Event Online Reputation Management Asia

screenhunter 03 oct 09 1718.thumbnail Special Event Online Reputation Management AsiaSingapore October 18.19. 2010 the Asian conference and training company with a network of operating offices in Asia researching and producing business conferences and training programs throughout the region. The Asia Business Forum annually provides more than 2000 expert presentations of strategic, managerial, technical, financial, and legal and product information Continue Reading

Why Big G Buy Social Game

social game article webandrank.thumbnail Why Big G Buy Social GameDoes Social Gaming sound like more new age computer jargon that seems to mean very little. It is normal now to hear online, gaming and social in the same sentence everywhere you go. The young generations are obsessed with gaming either online using the Xbox or PS3; or simply downloading mini games online and trying to figure out which block goes where.
According to lord wiki social gaming ‘commonly refers to playing games as a way of social interaction, as opposed to playing games in solitude, like some card games (solitaire) and the single-player mode of many video games. Continue Reading

Learn How to Start Authority Linking

868623 athletics start webandrank blog.thumbnail Learn How to Start Authority Linking

Is Google’s no-follow crusade undermining the interlinking nature of their own algorithm?
In 2008 Rae Hoffman tried to question twitter and Google over the decision to make links in the bio section of Twitters user profiles ‘nofollow’; extremely interesting post you should read it

It is very hypocritical for the core twitter site to be able to prosper off the back of its user’s links but not for its users to be able to prosper from their post writing and link building hard work. If Google have decided that they do not want that web link nofollowed because some twitter profile pages may be automated bots or spammers then it is Google’s job to separate the good from the bad.

The main point is that Google is cleverly building their search engine to help increase Adwords profits. Google is putting all the power with the big and well established online brands. For example if you are a new site and somebody links many porn links to your site you can be forever tarred and may never recover. If somebody tried to do this to an important site it would have no adverse effects. The big, well established and authoritative sites can get away with unnatural behaviour.

Google share holders do not want to see free traffic being generated for small companies or individuals they want them to invest in Adwords to make it up the Google rankings.

In effect Google are stifling web innovation by saying that large networks should be trusted but individuals should not. Through our history you can see that most innovation has come from individuals or small groups and not the existing establishments.

Just remember Google should only search the internet but now it is telling people how to run their businesses. No doubt Google is trying its hardest to restrict all SEO activity so the only way to improve your ranking is to pay for advertising.

The Webandrank team has put together some useful tips to help those small sites to build up their domain authority.
·    Start linking as soon as you go live.
·    Be patient, your site will need time to mature and gain authority. You can gain authority by having quality links pointing to your site for a long period of time from sites with high authority
·    Stay away from spammy tactics or black hat SEO techniques. These techniques are punished by a loss of authority.
·    Remember all activity within a domain will affect your authority.
·    Interestingly you can test for authority by simply searching ‘www’ and seeing which sites come at the top. These are sites that have existed for a long time, have great inbound links and have stayed away from spamming and SEO black hat marketing techniques.
·    The holy grail of building up your authority is getting inbound links from sites with high domain authority. If you can get important and established sites to link to your site then of course you will see high rankings. Unless your cousin works for one of these organisations it is next to impossible. You will just have to create that website or invention that we all needed! Using the Bing operator ‘’ can help you with linking to authorities.

Lets hope that Google can figure out how to create a quantum server. With the creation of this server they can move onto a more latent semantic indexing system, lower the relative value of anchor text and inbound links. Eventually leading to the eradication of nofollow and paid links. This will take years and in the mean time it will take a miracle for any of the small guys to catch up.

LinkedIn Has a New Inbox

linkind.thumbnail LinkedIn Has a New InboxLinkedIn website has quickly risen to be recognised as one of the main Social Media sites for professional networking. This business orientated social net-working site allows people to connect to one another and has a number of useful benefits; job seekers can find hiring managers, read their profile and find out what his or her favourite chocolates are. Seriously though, it is a great way to build up your professional network, with employees and employers alike connecting to enhance business opportunities.
Facebook, on the other hand, seems to have become the anti-professional site with most of its users wondering if their friend will tag them in that drunken picture from Saturday night.
LinkedIn have added a nice little Inbox feature which helps to speed up time spent on organising your life. It makes managing your messages and invitation requests much easier.
The new tool has been made available to only some of its members on trial period to test for any bugs. It seems to be working smoothly and should be made available to al of its members soon. LinkedIn have made an effort to listen to its users; the following changes have been based on user feedback:
New look and feel: The Inbox and home page module have a simpler design and are more intuitive to use. There are now separate tabs for invitations and messages making it easier to respond to pending invitations.
Bulk actions: Multiple messages can be archived at the same time and it is now possible to bulk accept or ignore invitations.
Delete: You can now delete messages (not sure why this function didn’t exist before?)
The new Inbox feature has a few glitches. Some of its members have experienced a bouncing of their personal e-mail address which means they receive all the updates in the work e-mail and not the LinkedIn Inbox. Some have complained that they can see photos of people they do not know due to the Outlook connector being broken.
Most LinkedIn members already using the Inbox feature are happy and have given positive feedback. The Inbox was something that was definitely required in a LinkedIn account.

Blog Thinker

rank website webandrank.thumbnail Blog Thinker  Blogging for Links grow your business opportunities :
Blogging have gained popularly because they enable millions of conversations to take place on the social Internet.The Blogs is an extremely effective media for get a lot inbound links and visitor for your website is one of the first strategies for implementing a traffic opportunities on your site that can bring the most useful benefit to your business.
Many recent studies tried to understanding the size of the Blogosphere,in terms of the number of bloggers and blog readers,all of these studies agree that blogs are now a global phenomenon.Scientists have long known the therapeutic benefit of benefits of writing about personal experiences that it improves memory and sleep.The best way to implement your blog is on a compelling content from subject matter experts, readers want be informed.The blogoshpere is changing very fast.Is good for you content value started to participate in the Social Web is also the best opportunities for promotion of your blog.

State of the Blogosphere / 2008

The Blogosphere is the internet community of all blogs. Since all blogs are on the Internet by definition, they may be seen as interconnected and socially networked. Discussions “in the Blogosphere” have been used by the media as a gauge of public opinion on various issues.
Accordig to blogpulse “Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin are leaders in the blogosphere today based on overall citations,from the Key People ranking on, holding the first and second slots, respectively. Britney Spears, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Paul Newman round out the top five, while Democrats Joe Biden and Barack Obama are ranked 12 and 14, respective
*   comScore MediaMetrix (August 2008)

o Blogs: 77.7 million unique visitors in the US

o Facebook: 41.0 million | MySpace 75.1 million

o Total internet audience 188.9 million

* eMarketer (May 2008)

o 94.1 million US blog readers in 2007 (50% of Internet users)

o 22.6 million US bloggers in 2007 (12%)

* Universal McCann (March 2008)

o 184 million WW have started a blog | 26.4 US

o 346 million WW read blogs | 60.3 US

o 77% of active Internet users read blogs

Make sure you are submitting quality comment to W.a.R blog is a big opportunities for promote your blog don’t stuff it with links in order to avoid spammy behavior.If you Write a post about one of our articles and link to it, send to us an e-mail about your post, we love it.