Some Basic Link analysis Pt.2

Some Basic Link analysis Pt.2 150x150 Some Basic Link analysis Pt.2In the ever changing world of search engine algorithms, it is difficult  to figure out how a link is weighted. This post will explain what elements of a link are used by search engines and how the algorithms measure the quality of those link elements. The search engine algorithms are closely guarded secrets but SEO experts Continue Reading

Google and Bing Officially Announce that twitter and Facebook do Impact on SEO

e and Bing Officially Announce that twitter and Facebook do Impact on SEO1 Google and Bing Officially Announce that twitter and Facebook do Impact on SEOWe are little bit late with this piece of breaking news but it is something that has to be shared on an SEO blog.

A few days ago Bing and Google confirmed that sharing links through Twitter and Facebook have a direct impact on rankings. For those of us who know the SEO game well Continue Reading

Ease of Doing Business Ranking

business meeting webandrank.thumbnail Ease of Doing Business RankingSpecial Rank Report

If you’ve ever had an great idea for a product or service that you think could net you a business fortune, you may well have considered where is the best place to setting your future business. The ranking  indicators 210 for the best ten places in the world for do and starting Business.Higher rank statistics show better, usually more ease, regulations for businesses and stronger protections of property rights and all aspects of staring in business . Continue Reading

Rank Track Resumes

the resumation webandrank.thumbnail Rank Track ResumesAs HR departments all over America hatch evil plans to destroy the Resumator, Don Charlton counts how many figures he has in the bank,applicant rank and tracking system makes collaborative hiring paperless and easy.

TheResumator is a service founded by Don Charlton that helps businesses save time and money on finding and recruiting new staff. Continue Reading

Web Ranking Algorithms and Applications

web rank search webandrank blog.thumbnail Web Ranking Algorithms and ApplicationsDisclaimer: the following posting for the Webandrank blog is based on the research paper titled “Web Service Ranking in Service Networks” by John Gekas, accepted at the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2006), as well as other copyrighted material, referenced at the end of the posting. For more information on the presented subjects and the accompanying research papers, please visit

Web Ranking Algorithms and Applications – an introduction

Web Ranking basics

From the SEO marketing point of view, it is assumed that ranking of web sites / documents depends on 2 main factors:
1.    Relativity of the website content to the search terms in question, and
2.    Popularity of the website.

In other words, the more relevant the website’s content is deemed in comparison to specific search terms, the higher it will rank. Furthermore, the more popular a website is (ie. the more traffic it generates and/or the more links it has), the more “authoritative” it is considered to be, and thus the higher it is ranked. Continue Reading

Trust SocialMedia Stats with our Internet Ranking

webandrank statistic.thumbnail Trust SocialMedia Stats with our Internet RankingThere seems to be huge ambiguities between Google Analytics, Quantcast, Alexa, Compete and Nielsen. I recently read a very interesting article posted on the reddit blog about this subject, I will summarise it here for you.

Reddit have a chunk of Google Analytics JavaScript on every page which means the stats  they get from them are very accurate. They are happy with the stats from Google as they match the direct analysis from their own server. If we then accept Google Analytics as the control for this experiment. Google Analytics shows that the reddit traffic figures from Jun 14 – Jul 14 are 36,611,846 visits, 429,065,665 page views and 8,114,466 unique visitors. Apparently this is a normal month for reddit (NOT BAD). Continue Reading