You Might Want to Pay Attention to Bing

You Might Want to Pay Attention to Bing 150x150 You Might Want to Pay Attention to BingIf you’re working on optimizing your website and its content with simply Google in mind, you may want to rethink your strategy.  While Google continues to hold the lion’s share of the search engine business, that pesky little Bing continues to grow and was responsible for approximately one out of every four searches executed on the web in November 2010. Continue Reading

Pay-Per-Click Vs. SEO Service

Pay Per Click Vs. SEO Service2 Pay Per Click Vs. SEO ServicePay-Per-Click Vs. SEO Service

Google and other pay-per-click based advertising services love to tell you how awesome it is to spend money and get targeted traffic through their PPC and sponsored search programs.  We’re sure you’ve done some searching, at the largest search engine on the planettrans Pay Per Click Vs. SEO Service Continue Reading

The Future Search Engine

future search engine 150x150 The Future Search EngineTRADITIONAL SEARCH ENGINE TECHNOLOGY

Search Engines have been a great involvement in the evolution of the WWW, since its first steps in the early 90’s: simply put, the technology behind them changed the way information retrieval operated on the WWW, and gave faster access to an increasingly larger corpus of ever-expanding Continue Reading

Tutorial About How to Start a Blog for Beginners

Tutorial About How to Start a Blog for Beginners Tutorial About How to Start a Blog for BeginnersMake a blog is one of the most effective instrument to make an online business, make money or just writing your personal view. With blogging, you don’t limit your passion and creativity online you will find out how to make a nice blog.

Tutorial about How to start a blog  for beginners. Continue Reading

Web Ranking and Semantics

screenhunter 01 sep 16 1906.thumbnail Web Ranking and SemanticsMETA-data and web ranking by John Gekas

Web ranking methodologies applied by search engines rely on a variety of ranking factors; however, one of the most fundamental factors that has been employed for ranking purposes is the HTML META-tags. In a few words, META tags consist of descriptive keywords Continue Reading

AOL and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Team Up

ellen webandrank blog.thumbnail AOL and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Team UpIt has been announced by AOL today that they will be forming a partnership with The Ellen DeGeneres Show. To be more specific AOL and will share promotion, traffic, and content.
This is a clear move by AOL to siphon some of Ellen’s main demographic which of course is women aged 25-54 for their content-strategy. The deal will mainly involve AOL and sharing content. Continue Reading