Used a Deep Linking Strategy

Used a Deep Linking Strategy 150x150 Used a Deep Linking Strategy Most people are familiar with backlinks and how important they are to assist you in your overall SEO efforts.  One area of securing backlinks to your website that is often ignored is the concept of deep linking.  This is the act of securing backlinks to other areas and pages on your website other then the index or home page of your company website Continue Reading

Webandrank Review Blekko Search Engine

blekko search engine Webandrank Review Blekko Search EngineThe new search engine blekko or Google? Needless to say Google is the search king holding nearly 72% of all searches. Everybody working on the industry is waiting for some sort rival to appear and challenge Google’s hegemony. Blekko (still beta) is a search engine making noise on the scene and has been launched to the public at the beginning of this month. Continue Reading

A-Z of Google Instant

a z of google instant.thumbnail A Z of Google Instant A-Z of Google Instant for the Kings of istant  SEO.
If you want to see which companies are the kings of organic search then try Google Instant. You can turn on Google Instant by flicking a switch just to the right of the Google search button.
Google Instant will instantly display the most popular results as you type in the letters Continue Reading

All in One SEO Music

all seo music.thumbnail All in One SEO MusicI like finding new music, but it’s not easy to find sites that promote genuinely interesting new music.
A search for new music will normally return results for Pop music, such as the billboard charts. I don’t know about you but I’m not really into Pop music, I enjoy music that’s a little different. There are a hundred bands, DJ’s, rappers, soloists, producers etc out there making original and thought provoking music. Continue Reading

How to Choose a Search Engine Placement Service?

ho to choose a seo company.thumbnail How to Choose a Search Engine Placement Service?Hands up if you have created a fantastic flashy website but can’t figure out why it doesn’t rank well in the search engines. Before you give all your money to someone promising you a guaranteed number one spot in Google, take a step back and breathe. Search engine placement service is a difficult tasks and there are a lot of firms that talk and talk but can’t walk the walk Continue Reading

Is WebProNews Boring?

webpronews news.thumbnail Is WebProNews Boring?For last few years we have followed WebProNews and have enjoyed the content posted there. Recently I found myself not bothering to check the WebProNews blog on a daily basis as the stories are simply not interesting any more.
I noticed that their Alexa ranking has slumped to the lowest point in the last three Continue Reading