Stuxnet vs. Comodo – International Cyber Warfare

Stuxnet vs. Comodo International Cyber Warfare 150x150 Stuxnet vs. Comodo   International Cyber Warfare“If you shut down our power, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks” (source – unnamed military official). This quote was printed in the Wall Street Journal and has been a hot topic of debate after the Pentagon published their first formal cyber strategy document. In this document the U.S. military Continue Reading

Tricks to Add an Extra Layer of Protection to Your Online Life

ScreenHunter 10 May. 30 19.17 Tricks to Add an Extra Layer of Protection to Your Online LifeHere at Web and Rank we have emphasised the importance of protecting your online privacy over and over again. Software developers have created some pretty dandy applications that can help to protect your private data, but nothing is quite as good as good ol’ common sense.Below are some nifty tricks to add an extra layer Continue Reading

Small List of Super Handy Programs

Small List of Super Handy Programs1 Small List of Super Handy ProgramsHow to Clean Your Computer? There are thousands of programs for cleaning your computer, free to download, that all promise fantastic results. How can you know what programs are safe to download and what programs achieve great results?

Web and rank has put together a small list of super handy programs that can help to keep your Continue Reading

Computer Security Precautions

seo defence webandrank.thumbnail Computer Security PrecautionsAny company that maintains sensitive business or financial records needs to take security precautions against the loss or theft of data. Fortunately, most threats to the security of financial information can be neutralized by heeding some simple advice and taking some  basic security precautions.

Limit Access: Continue Reading

Mechanics of the Internet Attack

google alarm webandrank.thumbnail Mechanics of the Internet AttackA group of “anonymous?” hackers called ‘The Anonymous‘ who organise through 4chan have tried to bring down the websites of RIAA, BPI and MPAA. The RIAA (Recording industry Association of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) amongst other antipiracy organisations Continue Reading