Low Cost And Effective Marketing Strategy For Startups

Starting a business is a very exhilarating experience fraught with the success, worries, and failures. When you start a business you are responsible for coming up with ideas and make them happen, everything from production to marketing to sales, you are involved everywhere. The main focus of any business is on sales and marketing, and now online marketing, SEO and SEM is the vital component for any web site rank and marketing strategy. Continue Reading

Website Services and Strategy Solutions

get ibiza Website Services and Strategy SolutionsWebandrank.com, one of the leader in Search Engine Placement Service  providers, has gained GetIbiza.com as a new client. As an Search Engine Placement  company, Webandrank.com will now offer SEO and internet marketing services to GetIbiza.com.
GetIbiza.com has been known Continue Reading

Businesses Can be Created Around One Idea

sunflower webandrank wedding.thumbnail Businesses Can be Created Around One IdeaWebandrank.com is a Raising Web Empire
Since May this year the webandrank team has been working hard to drive traffic to our site and we haven’t been doing a bad job.
Webandrank is an experienced SEO and SEM company and we know exactly how to position sites at the top of organic searches. Continue Reading

Are Your Keywords Geared for the 3 Key Stages of the Buying Cycle?

Be first to find out about keyword development.

Any good SEO and SEM campaign has to be built around a solid base of relevant keywords. The traditional strategy for keyword development is to take a broader approach (driving maximum amount of traffic to your website); contrary to this idea Webandrank has developed a strategy that is much more specific. Continue Reading

What Music Do You Listen to When Writing? (SEO Music)

seo music webandrank.thumbnail What Music Do You Listen to When Writing? (SEO Music)This topic is not a new one and it is a well known idea that listening to music enhances brain power.
Personally I never write my SEO copies without music and it has become a subconscious thing to slap on some music to settle my brain as I write. The music acts as a distraction to improve concentration, which is a little paradoxical. For me bass music such as dub, dubstep, trip hop and mostly underground UK electro music is what gets me typing away. The low bass vibes totally gear my brain for some heavy thinking. Continue Reading

Venus And Mars Use Internet

men woman webandrank.thumbnail Venus And Mars Use InternetI have been wondering if there is any truth in the myth that there aren’t many women working in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO), opting instead for jobs in Social Media (SM).

Taking a look around some of the articles that tackle this subject you would think it was taboo. Discussing the differences between men and women seems perfectly appropriate to me; the world of business has typically been dominated by men but this has been changing since the 60’s. In the ultra-modern world of the Internet it is important that women don’t get left behind, looking around at all the tech news, tech review, SEO, blog tips, hacker tricks etc they are all dominated by male writers. Continue Reading