Social Media Has Had a Radically Changing Affects on Journalism

Social Media Has Had a Radically Changing Affects on Journalism1 150x150 Social Media Has Had a Radically Changing Affects on JournalismHow has social media changed the world of journalism? This already is and will continue to be the title of many essays written by students studying media related courses. The question is an obvious but very important one; the question goes beyond the subject of ‘media studies’ and into the realm of sociology and politics. Continue Reading

Today Private Internet Company

today private internet company Today Private Internet CompanyA new time and investment trend in the Internet market born since this new year, California leader in investment company NeXt BDC Capital Corp. ( the oldest business development corporation in the United States )  started a closed  mutual fund to buy shares in famous fast private tech startups Continue Reading

Is WebProNews Boring?

webpronews news.thumbnail Is WebProNews Boring?For last few years we have followed WebProNews and have enjoyed the content posted there. Recently I found myself not bothering to check the WebProNews blog on a daily basis as the stories are simply not interesting any more.
I noticed that their Alexa ranking has slumped to the lowest point in the last three Continue Reading

My Guest Post

my guest post.thumbnail My Guest PostHow to post my article here?


Here at webandrank we are happy to get a lot of emails from bloggers who want to help us improve the W.A.R blog. Topics that we and our readers find particularly interesting are internet creativity, business, social media, pro SEO and related topics. Continue Reading

We Are More Popular Than Human

The global computer network is the realm between the physical and the metaphysical?
Before the Web existed a bunch of metaphysical ideas were and still are generally accepted as being true. Continue Reading

Life’s Hard on the Frontline, Twittering from Warzones

war blog Lifes Hard on the Frontline, Twittering from Warzones The powers that be have allowed a British army commander to use the social media twitter while touring for six-months in Afghanistan.
SO1 Lieutenant Colonel Dougie Graham commands the 450 man strong 2nd Infantry Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland in Edinburgh. Continue Reading