Facebook Pass Google in UK

Facebook Pass Google in UK Facebook Pass Google in UKFor one day but only one day Facebook beating in Christmas Google Giant in United Kindom, the massive traffic for the Christmas make Fb more popular for 10.50 % of all Britain’s Internet visits and Google get only around 9.77 %. This year in March Facebook become the more popular website for U.S.A. nation. Continue Reading

Facebook Gamification

Facebook Gamification Facebook GamificationPlay Games on Facebook! The popular social network site have hundreds of free Facebook games to play including action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, racing and shooting games. Millions of users in the planet uses this search network service to connect their family, friends or other peoples .But actually,we belive the Facebook Game in 2011 will be Continue Reading

Contacts Out of Facebook

get out from facebook contact.thumbnail Contacts Out of FacebookEarlier this week Gmail turned off the tap. They confirmed that they would no longer automatically hand over contacts to other websites and services. Cheekily Facebook have offered a work-around solution.
The solution simply tells the user to move their Gmail contacts to their local drive and then upload them Continue Reading

Abusing Twitter

abusing twitter.thumbnail Abusing TwitterMost of us working in the world of SEO must have considered the misuse of Twitter and other such social media sites.
It has been revealed, and to no great surprise that certain people have been abusing Twitter to fake support for grass-roots political movements. Continue Reading

The New Twitter Look

screenhunter 03 oct 01 1740.thumbnail The New Twitter LookTwitter has finished rolling out its new look and most people like what the Twitter team have done. Being able to embed media and the new search functions make the site much easier to use moving it closer to becoming one giant blog.
Webandrank.com took a long hard look at the new layout and here are 1o things you need to know. Continue Reading

Twitter Increasing Brand Exposure

webandrank twitter.thumbnail Twitter Increasing Brand ExposureA report from ExactTarget highlights just how influential Twitter has become for brand-buzz. As much as 20 percent of online consumers preferring to follow brands via Twitter rather than other Social Media sites. Webandrank.com love Twitter!

In an earlier post called star via twitter Webandrank exposed how the biggest of celebrities are harnessing Twitter as a marketing tool. It is not just these celebrities on Twitter that make it what it is, it is the millions of subscribers who add funny and interesting content daily. Continue Reading