The Internet Factbook Information

The Internet A Battle for Hearts and Minds1 150x150 The Internet Factbook InformationIt has not exactly been a great start for 2011. The two most notable events are the megaquake and tsunami in Japan, and the popular uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East. Watching the news over the last 10 days has been traumatic and thought provoking; we live in interesting times and the outcomes Continue Reading

Indonesia Ranking Second Largest Facebook Population

Indonesia Ranking Second Largest Facebook Population 148x150 Indonesia Ranking Second Largest Facebook PopulationIt is about time that the world started to take notice of Indonesia. Recent statistics show that it now has ranking second largest Facebook population at 34,498,920 members.

This is a good indicator of how modernity has hit Indonesia, and it has hit in a major way. Continue Reading

Life’s Hard on the Frontline, Twittering from Warzones

war blog Lifes Hard on the Frontline, Twittering from Warzones The powers that be have allowed a British army commander to use the social media twitter while touring for six-months in Afghanistan.
SO1 Lieutenant Colonel Dougie Graham commands the 450 man strong 2nd Infantry Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland in Edinburgh. Continue Reading

More Social Media Increase Your Market Intelligence

intelligence social media webandrank.thumbnail More Social Media Increase Your Market IntelligenceWebandrank is back again to help you improve your Social Media Efforts. All the Social Media bloggers keep saying how you can enhance your Social Media accounts for maximum optimisation, what exactly are all these techniques? Well here’s some for your people, enjoy using them. Continue Reading

How Small Business’ Can Take Advantage of the Social Media Phenomenon

images webandrank blog socialweb article.thumbnail How Small Business’ Can Take Advantage of the Social Media Phenomenon

What are Social Media? Not many people know that in 2004 a new Internet term was coined, ‘Web 2.0’. This tem refers to the way web users can now interact with each other as contributors to website content and not just passively view information on web pages. It is not so much as an update in Internet technology but rather a cumulative change in the way people use the Web. The term Web 2.0 lies behind the term Social Media, and Social Media generally includes web-based communities, web applications, social net-working sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites and much more. We are all aware of the ‘facebook generation’ and this is no understatement, facebook website gained 540 million unique users. The great thing about this change in the way people interact on the Web, is that it acts as an equalizer helping small business’ to compete with the huge firms.

I remember working for a government agency and being trained on a new computer system. Along with this training came a kind of motivational talk on the importance of accepting these marketing changes with open arms (which of course was aimed at the older government worker – no ageism implied). At the time I didn’t fully grasp the concept of this but now I realise that it is, adapt or be left behind. This is true within the public sector but it is even more true within the private sector.

Small business’ must not be afraid to adapt to the modern market place and take their business on-line. It can be very off-putting the world of technical computer jargon and the feeling of being dwarfed by large corporations armed with their SEO teams and Internet copywriters. This is the beauty of the socialweb it is helping to democratise all voices on the Internet. So many small business’ have benefitted from utilising the socialweb; food-outlets, retail companies, niche companies, they have been able to access huge markets and reap the financial dividends.

Going global, is a term banded around but through Social Media websites it is possible to take your small business to the global level. Have you ever been browsing the Internet and been massively annoyed by distracting adverts; me and many people have. It is now better to build up your brand or business through the placement of marketing messages seamlessly into on-line contents.

Social Media is able to spread unique messages and with extreme rapidity. Internet viral marketing has existed for many years now combine this with the socialweb and you have a set of tools to quickly build a huge buzz around your brand or business. Here is one example; create a hip and trendy video with a marketing message embedded, post it to some friends on facebook, the friends of friends will get to see it and might then share it with some more friends on twitter. You have just tapped thousands if not millions of potential clients.

The world of Social Media is absolutely massive and is expanding rapidly, this article has barely even began to break the surface of the socialweb monolith. If you do plan to enter into this world of tweets, blog post, SEO, Internet copywriting then there are some things to remember:

•    Online business’ that help their customers to share their contents and experiences are seeing a growth in traffic.
•    Making multiple social network options available for your users will increase the amount of participating users.
•    If you do have multiple network options make sure the user experience is optimized and varied.
•    Some people have a problem with the privacy aspect of Social Media but with the right sort of savy its possible to stay safe.
•    Utilizing socially referred traffic is becoming as important as SEO and SEM techniques in growing website traffic and market analysis.

The socialweb is now the new powerful direct marketing engine.

Blog Thinker

rank website webandrank.thumbnail Blog Thinker  Blogging for Links grow your business opportunities :
Blogging have gained popularly because they enable millions of conversations to take place on the social Internet.The Blogs is an extremely effective media for get a lot inbound links and visitor for your website is one of the first strategies for implementing a traffic opportunities on your site that can bring the most useful benefit to your business.
Many recent studies tried to understanding the size of the Blogosphere,in terms of the number of bloggers and blog readers,all of these studies agree that blogs are now a global phenomenon.Scientists have long known the therapeutic benefit of benefits of writing about personal experiences that it improves memory and sleep.The best way to implement your blog is on a compelling content from subject matter experts, readers want be informed.The blogoshpere is changing very fast.Is good for you content value started to participate in the Social Web is also the best opportunities for promotion of your blog.

State of the Blogosphere / 2008

The Blogosphere is the internet community of all blogs. Since all blogs are on the Internet by definition, they may be seen as interconnected and socially networked. Discussions “in the Blogosphere” have been used by the media as a gauge of public opinion on various issues.
Accordig to blogpulse “Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin are leaders in the blogosphere today based on overall citations,from the Key People ranking on, holding the first and second slots, respectively. Britney Spears, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Paul Newman round out the top five, while Democrats Joe Biden and Barack Obama are ranked 12 and 14, respective
*   comScore MediaMetrix (August 2008)

o Blogs: 77.7 million unique visitors in the US

o Facebook: 41.0 million | MySpace 75.1 million

o Total internet audience 188.9 million

* eMarketer (May 2008)

o 94.1 million US blog readers in 2007 (50% of Internet users)

o 22.6 million US bloggers in 2007 (12%)

* Universal McCann (March 2008)

o 184 million WW have started a blog | 26.4 US

o 346 million WW read blogs | 60.3 US

o 77% of active Internet users read blogs

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