Websites Screenshots are Essential

Websites Screenshots are Essential Websites Screenshots are EssentialAfter writing the previous article it dawned on me just how handy these kinds of lists are. Years back when I was learning about computers there was no place to go and find all those usefull tools and programs to keep your computer healthy. It is not just the maintenance programs but all those fantastic apps that do a raft of easy but annoying tasks. Continue Reading

My Guest Post

my guest post.thumbnail My Guest PostHow to post my article here?


Here at webandrank we are happy to get a lot of emails from bloggers who want to help us improve the W.A.R blog. Topics that we and our readers find particularly interesting are internet creativity, business, social media, pro SEO and related topics. Continue Reading

SEO Companies get Joint Venture Capital

seo trend.thumbnail SEO Companies get Joint Venture CapitalTo venture capital or not to venture capital that is an interesting question. Internet businesses are growing fast some making alone and some making with venture capital backing.
For those of you that don’t know what venture capital (VC) is, its money given to a young company with high money Continue Reading

DIY SEO for your Small Business WordPress Site

screenhunter 10 oct 15 1832.thumbnail DIY SEO for your Small Business Wordpress SiteNever before has web publishing become so accessible to the population at large, thanks to the invention of WordPress. WordPress is an open source software program that powers millions of blogs and websites, and growing. With WordPress, not only is it possible to publish content without having to write a single line of html Continue Reading

5 Web Strategies for Your Small Business To Help You Go Green & Save Money

business green online.thumbnail 5 Web Strategies for Your Small Business To Help You Go Green & Save MoneyYour small business can take things into the 21st century, and do a lot of things the right way – online.  And while you’re online, you can make use of a whole lot of different technological aids to your operation.  In a lot of cases, going online is the best thing that ever happened to a business.

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Google Vs. Bing and Yahoo

search engine soldier webandrank.thumbnail Google Vs. Bing and YahooNew webmaster tools strategy and a partnership with Yahoo will make Bing more significant.

Will Bing SEO be as important as Google SEO? this has been the hot debate ever since Bing was launched. Soon Yahoo and Bing will come together forcing on-line marketers to take Bing more seriously in SEO positioning.

At the SMX Advanced conference Janet Driscoll Miller of Search Mojo spoke on this topic. Her main point is that some businesses are already seeing better results from Bing than they do Google, eventually Yahoo will start using Bing for searches, this will see Bing’s share of the search market grow dramatically. If you think Bing is already powering facebook searches it really does become unmissable.

Bing has now added a tool in its Webmaster tools that you lets you see the types of links that point to you. You can actually see the value of each link letting you judge its worth and this will help you to go after similar links.

We all know that Bing’s Webmaster tools have not exactly been great since its inception but they are undergoing a redesign. The new tools will provide webmasters with a simplified, more intuitive user experience that provides a comprehensive view of how Bing indexes their sites.

Google is the leading search engine used by on-line marketers and SEO companies to promote products due to its easy to use and accessible Webmaster Tools. The Bing search engine is now no longer insignificant, once Bing has teamed up with Yahoo and launched its new Webmaster tools it is going to factor into the working of all SEO businesses.