Future Location-Based Services

Future Location Based Services Future Location Based ServicesFoursquare is the big leader in the location-based services (LBS) field, but other service are starting to catch up. People are becoming more aware of the fact that their Smartphones include GPS satellite technology and they can use this technology for a whole raft of applications.

One example of the expanding Continue Reading

EU Backs Webinars One App for All

img00532 20100915 1545.thumbnail EU Backs Webinars One App for All A European project, named Webinar, has been given a cash injection of 10m Euros by the EU. The project hopes to develop an application environment for every internet-connected device.
The end game for this European project is to move away from operating systems and proprietary app stores Continue Reading

Are Your Keywords Geared for the 3 Key Stages of the Buying Cycle?

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Any good SEO and SEM campaign has to be built around a solid base of relevant keywords. The traditional strategy for keyword development is to take a broader approach (driving maximum amount of traffic to your website); contrary to this idea Webandrank has developed a strategy that is much more specific. Continue Reading

BBC Makes Money From Online Advertising

bbc webandrank.thumbnail BBC Makes Money From Online AdvertisingMost UK citizens have the feeling that it is not right for the BBC to have advertising on any of its media platforms, from radio, TV, printed publications and online.
The BBC WEBSITE as most people are aware does include advertising and some of it is considered a little cumbersome and annoying. Webandrank thought it would be worth investigating this and finding out what exactly is going on with BBC advertising online. Continue Reading

Why Big G Buy Social Game

social game article webandrank.thumbnail Why Big G Buy Social GameDoes Social Gaming sound like more new age computer jargon that seems to mean very little. It is normal now to hear online, gaming and social in the same sentence everywhere you go. The young generations are obsessed with gaming either online using the Xbox or PS3; or simply downloading mini games online and trying to figure out which block goes where.
According to lord wiki social gaming ‘commonly refers to playing games as a way of social interaction, as opposed to playing games in solitude, like some card games (solitaire) and the single-player mode of many video games. Continue Reading

.co Now Available

tn weandrank co.thumbnail .co Now AvailableA few days ago the company CO Internet S.A.S made available the .co domains, back in March this year  CO Internet S.A.S announced that this would be the case. The majority of the big registrars are now offering this domain extension.
Will this extension go mainstream? Is the question everybody is asking. Some think that the similarity to .com will either be a curse or a blessing.  The fact is .co is easy to remember but easy to type wrong. Continue Reading