Low Cost And Effective Marketing Strategy For Startups

Starting a business is a very exhilarating experience fraught with the success, worries, and failures. When you start a business you are responsible for coming up with ideas and make them happen, everything from production to marketing to sales, you are involved everywhere. The main focus of any business is on sales and marketing, and now online marketing, SEO and SEM is the vital component for any web site rank and marketing strategy. Continue Reading

You Might Want to Pay Attention to Bing

You Might Want to Pay Attention to Bing 150x150 You Might Want to Pay Attention to BingIf you’re working on optimizing your website and its content with simply Google in mind, you may want to rethink your strategy.  While Google continues to hold the lion’s share of the search engine business, that pesky little Bing continues to grow and was responsible for approximately one out of every four searches executed on the web in November 2010. Continue Reading

Businesses Can be Created Around One Idea

sunflower webandrank wedding.thumbnail Businesses Can be Created Around One IdeaWebandrank.com is a Raising Web Empire
Since May this year the webandrank team has been working hard to drive traffic to our site and we haven’t been doing a bad job.
Webandrank is an experienced SEO and SEM company and we know exactly how to position sites at the top of organic searches. Continue Reading

Web Ranking Algorithms and Applications

web rank search webandrank blog.thumbnail Web Ranking Algorithms and ApplicationsDisclaimer: the following posting for the Webandrank blog is based on the research paper titled “Web Service Ranking in Service Networks” by John Gekas, accepted at the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2006), as well as other copyrighted material, referenced at the end of the posting. For more information on the presented subjects and the accompanying research papers, please visit https://sites.google.com/site/johngekas/Publications

Web Ranking Algorithms and Applications – an introduction

Web Ranking basics

From the SEO marketing point of view, it is assumed that ranking of web sites / documents depends on 2 main factors:
1.    Relativity of the website content to the search terms in question, and
2.    Popularity of the website.

In other words, the more relevant the website’s content is deemed in comparison to specific search terms, the higher it will rank. Furthermore, the more popular a website is (ie. the more traffic it generates and/or the more links it has), the more “authoritative” it is considered to be, and thus the higher it is ranked. Continue Reading