The CEO of Go Daddy Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons – Elephant Man1 The CEO of Go Daddy Bob ParsonsBob Parsons – Elephant Man.Here’s some good advice for making friends and influencing people, don’t shoot elephants make a video of that shooting and post it up on twitter for all of your followers to see. I trust that everyday knew that this is a bad idea, well not everybody. The CEO of Go Daddy Bob Parsons did exactly this. Go Daddy is a huge Internet domain registrar and Web hosting company now managing over 45 million domain names.

This is company that takes marketing and reputation seriously, so when Mr Parsons shoots and kills an elephant on holiday in Zimbabwe and then posts it to his 33,000 followers on twitter, you have to wonder what he was thinking.


We didn’t want to embed the video here but if you want to watch follow the link.

At the beginning of the video some text pops up, ‘Of everything I do this is the most rewarding. This video shows one typical night and day.’ Next, ‘Damage is extensive. Unless elephant are stopped entire crop may be lost. When crops are lost subsistence farmers risk starvation.’ It becomes apparent that crazy elephant killer Bob has fired two shots hitting and killing a bull elephant while the rest of the herd stampede away. The video jumps to a bunch of stills showing Bob posing with the dead elephant, concluding with video of the villagers butchering and eating the elephant to the sounds of AC/DC. WEIRD!  The eerie and emotional music combined with a complete lack of scientific proof that what he is doing is to save farmers makes the video rather strange. In fact it looks like the guy just really enjoys killing elephants.

What have we learnt today, people like wild animals and generally don’t like to see them being killed, especially in semi-suspicious circumstances.