The Classic SEO Mistakes

tn webandrank seo mistake.thumbnail The Classic SEO MistakesWhat are the things you should avoid when it comes to SEO marketing?

Many people are fighting for those top positions; SEO and SEM are the chosen weapons of Webmasters all over the world. SEO like in a real war has rules of engagement and breaking these rules can have detrimental effects. One of these will see you at The Hague the other will see a loss in website traffic.

What should you avoid when optimizing your search engine ranking?

Do not try to fool the search engines by using blackhat SEO techniques such as gateway pages or sneaky redirects. These can cause you to be banned by Google, Yahoo etc.
Work with search engines by using proven SEO techniques. Don’t expect to see instant results it can take up to a year to see genuine results.
Packing your site full of images and graphics can look untidy but can also damage your search engine rankings.
The Google spider bot can not see text in images or graphics; for any important links, names or content use text and not images.
Having lots of images leaves less space for search friendly content.
In ‘ALT’ attributes and <title> elements do not use meandering and long winded description, keep them concise and to-the-point.
Plagiarism is never good and it’s especially bad on the net. If you just copy and paste some text from a competitor’s website expect to be punished by the search engines. Search engines can tell if content is copied and will not include you in the rankings.

In an ideal world Google wouldn’t be able to tell us how to run our websites, but while they are still king you have to follow their guidelines in order to be visible in the search engine rankings. All search engines have guidelines to help you rank better, its best to regularly check to see if they have been updated. Search engines are always changing their parameters.