The Revealing of Google’s New Products and Services

The Revealing of Googles New Products and Services 150x150 The Revealing of Googles New Products and Services Google Reveal Chrome OS, Notebook and Web App Store. As the world of computer geeks goes crazy for Julian Assanage and WikiLeaks (number two in Google trend) another piece of news has been slightly over-shadowed. It is very interesting that Mr. Assange has been arrested and refused bail, and the hacker group Anonymous has launched several attacks on websites working against WikiLeak. However, Google will be disappointed that the revealing of its new Chrome OS, notebook and app store have gone relatively unnoticed. The revealing of Google’s new products and services is pretty important for the IT world, as it is a direct challenge to Microsoft’s hegemony. How exactly do they look?

Chrome Web App Store The Revealing of Googles New Products and Services

Chrome Web App Store

The operating system looks very much like a web browser showing no originality there. The notebook is not the most beautiful thing and looks like the beta version it is. The web app store is not too dissimilar to iTunes. Google have not turned to many heads with the beauty of its new products but we can only guess at the functionality at this stage. To check out some great screen shots over at Business Insider.