The Top 10 IT & Technology Stories to Follow

As the beach resorts or the mointain around the world empty out and sun tanned office workers return to their desks, what stories are worth following in the last part of 2010?
IT and technology is a never ending soap opera of highs and lows, and looks as if from September onwards the soap opera will be as interesting as ever.
Here they are 10 IT and technology stories to follow in the last part of 2010 (in no particular order):
Windows 7 Smartphones
It is no secret that Android and the iPhone dominate the smartphone market but will the Microsoft reboot, in the form of Windows Phone 7, be able to challenge the big boys. The word on the street is that the operating system is pretty good but no rival for the existing market leaders. Microsoft has a lot of marketing clout and will be able convince a few of us to buy it in the coming months.
Removing iPad as the king of tablets
The iPad is a brilliant piece of technology and any self-respecting techie or business person has bought one not only for the usability but also for looking cool. Again Android and Windows will attempt to gain some of the market share by releasing their own tablets; but the guess is that Apple will continue to dominate for the rest of 2010. Do not expect to see Android or Windows making any noise in this market any time soon.
What will happen to RIM (research in motion)?
This company is peering into the abyss but can it save itself? RIM has not been able to keep up with iPhone or Android in the smartphone business; however RIM has produced a tablet which they will release later this year. Webandrank predicts that RIM will unfortunately slip over the edge and keep falling into the ever darkening abyss.

Facebook Places

I hate this technology and I recommend that you do to. Facebook is pure evil, turning its users into ego driven maniacs (a little over the top maybe). Facebook now wants to tell everybody exactly where you are to make it easier for people to stalk women and burglarise your home. OK, joking aside, the question is will it be popular in the coming months and destroy the foursquare business. The reality is that Facebook Places is not looking very popular and will probably stay like this for the rest of this year. It is very likely that foursquare will maintain is business and Facebook Places will become more like Yelp.
Can Google Finally Conquer the Social Web?
Google will be hoping this year that the Google Me project will become a hit with the facebook and twitter generation. Webandrank suggests that Google Me will not be a hit success, meaning that Google investors will be worried that Google cannot find a sustainable second business. It is not all bad for Google as the social gaming network through Android will probably be beneficial for business.
Demand Media
Demand Media will make an initial public offering (IPO) in the coming months and it will be interesting to see how it works out for the KFC of online content. Demand Media does have many non-believers but Webandrank guesses it will do OK when they make an offering.
Google TV vs. Apple TV
Having the web in your TV is a nice idea but how much do people want this technology? Google and Apple are going full out to eat up this market. Webandrank thinks that the general public will take a little time to warm up to this idea and will prefer Google TV to Apple TV.
Verizon and Apple iPhone
Verizon currently sells Android phones but Apple will be looking to use the platform to sell iPhones. The question is will Apple announce the use of Verizon before the Christmas shopping season?
The future looks bleak for AOL, nobody in the industry can see how AOL will get back in the game. Tim Armstrong has yet to deliver any encouraging growth to the company. Maybe AOL will again slump down into obscurity.
Personnel Changes
Mark Hurd was ushered out of HP, who will be the next person to fill the role as CEO? Most likely EVP of PCs and mobile, Todd Bradley.
Webandrank is convinced that the coming months will be an interesting time for IT and technology. As the Christmas shopping season approaches it’s likely that Apple will be doing well with iPads and iPhones with Android closely on its heels. The Apple vs. Google soap opera is set to continue and rule the headlines over the coming months.