The UK Must Play Catch Up in the SEO Game

glass webandrank.thumbnail The UK Must Play Catch Up in the SEO GameNew statistics released by Regus show that over half of Indian companies use social media to gain new customers.

Regus is a company that provides workplace solutions in 75 countries. Regus conducted a study of 1 MILLION BUSINESSES to measure how relevant and how useful social media is in targeting today’s business world.

Webandrank is one of the few London based SEO companies that is doing well. The UK is falling behind in its SEO efforts and this recent SEO case studies proves this.

% Company successfully using Business Social Network for new customer acquisition  2010


India                          52%


Mexico                       50%


Spain                          50%


Netherland               48%


China                           44%


South Africa               43%


Germany                      41%


Australia                    41%


US                               35%


Canada                        34%


Israel                           34%


Japan                          30%


Indian, Mexican, Spanish and Dutch companies are floating around the 50% mark for those taking advantage of social media to acquisition new business. The UK also gained a score of 80 in the business networking index with India gaining a score of 127.

The study shows that social networks are now actively used by 50% – 75% of companies’ world wide with 40% of those companies being able to find new customers. Who would have thought that companies would actually factored Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn into their budgets but the survey is showing that 27% of businesses are currently devoting some of the marketing budget to social networking.

How are businesses actually using social networks?

58% staying in touch with business contacts.
54% getting together with special interest groups.
54% discovering new business information
51% organising/connecting/managing customer groups

What where the anomalies discovered by the Regus team.

Many social networks have functions helping people find work (LinkedIn for example) but only 22% of business people have used social networks to find a new job.
The sceptics still live on with 34% of the people surveyed believing that business social networks will never be a significant method of reaching new customers.
This one we like the best, there is only a small difference between the usage of social networks between the small, medium and large companies. Social networking is cheap and easy to use and can be taken advantage of by a company of any size, this is the true democratic nature of the internet.

The survey is proving hands down that the social media is playing an increasingly important role in the business world. It is becoming natural for people not only to connect with friends and families, but also with ex-colleagues, current co-workers and other people they want to make business with.

The survey makes a bold statement, claiming that they can put to rest all rumours that social networking does not have a return on investment. They suggest the survey is showing clearly that businesses are profiting from tweeting, digging, buzzing, linking in etc.