The World Google Cup 2010

world cup webandrank article pic.thumbnail The World Google Cup 2010Are you footie mad? Do you need constant up-to-date info on your team? Are you waiting to hear if Lionel Messi has picked up ‘that’ injury yet? Google have teamed up with FIFA to make following the World Cup 2010 on-line simpler and more intuitive with the introduction of new search tools.
Footie fans all across the world can get a live feed of FIFA World Cup 2010 results, fixtures, team info and match statistics for their favourite country with the use of a Google Chrome extension. Chrome extension allows you to personalise the alert gadget so it will tell you when your team scores goals.
FIFA have also issued a gadget that lets you personalise the iGoogle homepage. The gadget gives you all the latest information on scores, team chat, fixtures and stats from all on your homepage. Another nice little feature is being able to paint your homepage in your team’s colours.
Searching for World Cup information has been made more intuitive. If you search for ‘world cup Argentina’ Google will produce live scores, latest results and match schedules as the top search results. It also provides links to game recaps, live updates, standings and team profiles on
It doesn’t stop there. Google Maps has also been adjusted to make it easier for those travelling to South Africa. You can find lots of information about host cities and plan a route using Street View (make sure Wi-Fi date is encrypted).
This is all great but I wonder how much money FIFA is now making through its on-line store. Also, I wonder how much exposure companies like Coke Cola, Visa, McDonald’s are getting from this teaming up between FIFA and Mr Goolge (they have advertising on the bottom of the homepage). I think this is less of a ‘teaming up’ but more of a very lucrative business deal to funnel footie fans into the on-line stores and for Google to make massive amounts of money from advertising.

Call me cynical if you like!