Title Tags in Your Website Code Matters

Title Tags in Your Website Code Matters Title Tags in Your Website Code Matters What is the importance and vitality of the title tag in your websites coding? The title tag is a simple tag that normally shows up somewhere in the websites title bar (depending on the browser, Internet Explorer, for example, displays the title part of your title tag at the very top of the title bar in the browser). This is very important not only because it does make your website look more professional but also it is a very vital part of your websites SEO ranking. Your websites title tag should have a lot of thought to it as well. It is not something you just name whatever you feel like, especially since it is vital for the SEO of your website and it will show up in Google’s ranking.  When naming the websites title tag you should include your main keyword; no more than one because you can confuse the search engine and your rankings will not turn out as good as you would like. After your website has been indexed if you find it in Google you will notice, when you Google the keyword, that your keyword in the result page is in bold. This is your title tag that shows up and you have now made it easier for the user to find the website they are looking for.

Your Website Code Matters

In many rare cases Google will ignore your website title tag or if your website does not have a title tag it will make one. Google uses the domain, content from the website, and title of articles to make a title if you do not provide one or sometimes it will do this when your websites title tag is ignored. As a web designer this can be frustrating for Google not to use the title tag you give it. Now you should know the importance of your title tag and make sure to include one in your websites from now on.

Code Sample

How to define your title document required from the HTLM/XHTLMN .

	<title>Example Title</title>