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Top Ranked Comments1 Top Ranked CommentsWe went back and looked at the feedback we was received back and create the top 5 Ranked comment in order to know about the quality of our community readers and the great blog post our copywriters write this year.

This was the best 2010 W.a.R. blog coment so far:



Ben Edelman


To the question in your first paragraph: Google quickly removed the hard-coding. My screen-shots are authentic and capably demonstrate that the problem was real. But Google changed its results after I posted my article.


Google HardCoding its Own Links to Get Those Top Positions


New Dubstep


Wow, man. Thanks a lot for the writeup about my site and its search engine optimization. I was doing a search engine result check for my rankings on keyword searches I’m targeting, and found a link to your site (this post, in particular).

I’ve been working online, creating what I hope to be lucrative websites, for the past 9 years. I’ve never experienced the success (traffic-wise, if nothing else) with any other site like I have with

What you’ve written is exactly what’s going on. I noticed to boom in dubstep music’s popularity and started doing some research on Google Trends and Google Keyword Suggestion Tool. When I saw that “new dubstep” was rising drastically in popularity, yet no one owned this 2 word, 10 letter domain, I had to have it.

What’s overlooked, sometimes, in a site’s success, is the ability to keep it fresh with content. I’ve failed many times because I simply wasn’t interested in the content the site focused on. My love for music, electronic music in particular, is what attributes greatly to the success I’m having thus far. I find it easy to incorporate work and play when it comes to this site. This is because I search for new dubstep music daily, and simply share my findings via new posts on the site.

Again, thank you for your kind analysis and comments of and about my site.


All in One SEO Music


David Leonhardt


“Hi” from Canada (where we use a confusing mix of American and UK English, with a fair sprinkling of French for special effects).

I love this article, because it combines language and SEO. I have noticed Google defaulting much more on “misspellings”, but I had not noticed a bias to default to US English.

I just did searches for “favourite colour” and “shopping centre” and no defaulting to US English, so that’s a bit of a relief. OK, I just now did another search for “search engine optimisation” and it did not default to the “z” version. There might need to be more study on this. (However, I see FireFox is noting all these as spelling errors as I type in this form – but I’m used to that).


American or British English: The Hyper Reality of the Internet


deep hypnosis


Thank you for this post. I dont usually comment on blogs and I only started because I am required to by my class. At 35 I’m pretty good with technology but I am not up-to-date with the latest developments. I felt bashful about posting a comment…


Unconventional marketing weapon




Internet needs to develop the information and knowledge in a different way, more easy, free, indipendent.
We live a period caracterized by an information in which the problems became an element of poor dispute and not a form of useful enrichment.
The existence of bloggers is a new road towards a discovering of an essential information.


Blog Thinker