Try To Make Sure That Each Post Has Something Useful

web story webandrank.thumbnail Try To Make Sure That Each Post Has Something Useful Is content still king or will time-travelling searches be the most important thing in making your blog SEO effective.

Most people believe that up-dating your blog everyday will help you to improve your search ranking but this might not necessarily be true. It is the quality or freshness of your blog that really matters and not the frequency with which you post.

In a recent Q&A webmaster video Matt Cutts addressed this question.

As to be expected Matt stresses the point that quality content is much more important than the frequency with which you post. At the same time Matt does say that users appreciate frequent updates as people are hungry for information. If you give people a reason to come back then this is good for your page views. I think Matt is worth quoting here:

“Whenever you’re thinking about search engines, it’s much, much, much more important to think about the quality of your content. For example, on my blog, I don’t post every day. Sometimes I don’t post every week. But I try to make sure that each post has something useful about it…”

SEO copywriters have been pushing the quality of content agenda emphasizing that ‘content is king’. If you are offering the world something truly interesting then it will spread naturally (of course with the correct use of keywords). If bloggers keep churning out, recycled, rehashed content then this can have a detrimental effect on your search rankings.

Google have just unveiled their new search results UI featuring new filters that able you to search in time. The time slices show a list of the freshest, most dynamic pages indexed by Google within the selected timeframe. The interesting outcome of this is pages are ranked based on their comparative relevance and not their absolute relevance. Fresh content has not had time to create link authority and does not often rank well but with this new search filter this might change.

Check out How Google’s Time Dimension Will Disrupt Your SEO for further information on time-machine searches.

If you think about it, this could be a thorn in the side of the big brands. Adding the element of freshness to a search removes the entrenched established sites with high domain authority and also sites that do not add fresh content.

I think this is great news for smaller brands and all those people working hard to add interesting and original content to the web. I suggest frequency is just as important as quality just make sure you have a lot of interesting things to write about. With 6 billion people on this planet and technology moving into a new age there is no shortage of news out there to be reported on.