Try to Write Something Original

try to write something original.thumbnail Try to Write Something OriginalThe good old fashioned writing trade has been through some rather rapid changes since the widespread use of the Web.
Writers write for people obviously, but now SEO copywriters have to write for Internet bots, spiders, web crawlers (whatever it is you want to call them). Originally a piece of text written for a magazine, newspaper, brochure or any other printed publication was specifically written for a person. Text for a printed publication has to be written in such a way to catch the attention of the reader to convince them to buy a product, shift an attitude or to buy the next edition of the publication.

In the modern world the Internet offers advertising opportunities that only a fool would ignore. Utilising the Internet to display something or your services around the world cheaply and easily is a paradigm shift in the way people can do business. Most businesses nowadays build websites to take advantage of advertising opportunities.
Creating a website is easy, ranking high in search engines is not; this is where the Search engine placement service come in. SEO copywriting is an important tool in SEO strategies and one that requires the person to understand the language of web crawlers. Nobody is able to provide the exact recipe for writing for search engines but the SEO copywriting community is getting pretty close.

Here is a recipe for an Original SEO copywriting cake:
imagine you are writing an article for a well respected newspaper (e.g. The Sunday Times) and what the editor will expect from you in terms of grammar, syntax, readability etc. simplify the language a touch because not all of your readers will be native English speakers think about the most important words or phrases associated within the content and how a person might search for the content in a search engine. If you are writing about the decline in the popularity of French red wine then ‘decline’ ‘popularity’ ‘French’ and ‘red wine’ are they key or buzz words. These words must be integrated four or five times in the article making sure not to sound robotic or clunkytry to write something original or news related to make people read on and find out more catchy titles are hugely important (think about how many articles a reader will scan – people nowadays look for titles to make them stop and read more).

To reiterate the SEO copywriter mantra ‘content is king, content is king’. The writing trade has existed for thousands of years it is the responsibility of copywriters to maintain the high quality and originality of newly written work. It is easy to become sloppy when writing articles for the Internet but people still appreciate great prose. The question is who will be the Hunter s Thompson of the Internet? It’s no secret that it needs one.
Simply put, write for people and make small adjustments to make it search engine friendly. Easily said put not always easy in practice.Writing for a peoples and earch engine.