Twitter Increasing Brand Exposure

webandrank twitter.thumbnail Twitter Increasing Brand ExposureA report from ExactTarget highlights just how influential Twitter has become for brand-buzz. As much as 20 percent of online consumers preferring to follow brands via Twitter rather than other Social Media sites. love Twitter!

In an earlier post called star via twitter Webandrank exposed how the biggest of celebrities are harnessing Twitter as a marketing tool. It is not just these celebrities on Twitter that make it what it is, it is the millions of subscribers who add funny and interesting content daily. The fact is email and facebook are still more popular than Twitter, but Twitter has become the hub for content creators. 72 percent of Twitter users publish blog posts at least once a month, 70 percent leave comments on blogs, 61 percent write a minimum of one product review per month, finally 61 percent visit and comment on news sites.

These stats show just how active Twitterers are on the Web 2.0. ExactTarget is suggesting that Twitter users through blog posts, articles, tweets and product reviews are three times more likely to affect a brands online reputation than the average consumer. Morgan Stewart, the principal for ExactTarget’s research and education group states that ‘Consumers active on Twitter are clearly the most influential online…What happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter‘.

The statistical analysis from ExactTarget is fairly comprehensive but here Webandrank can highlight the best bits.

If you compare the online content adding activity of a user and a non-Twitter user per month you can find that; daily  Twitter users are six times more likely to post articles, five times more likely to post blogs, three times more likely to review products and seven times more likely to add content to Wikipedia.

Taking a look at consumers in general, the stats are showing that 23 percent of online consumers check out Twitter tweets once a month and even 11 percent of consumers read Twitter but do not even have an account. Most of these consumers are simply trying to find information on their favourite brands.

As an SEO service firm Webandrank cannot stress enough the power of Social Media networking. It seems that the uncontrollable beast of Social Media is becoming tamer and more measurable; analysis of Twitter by ExactTarget is a big step in making it much easier for businesses to harness the power of social network sites. The flipside to this is that, is it really a good thing to start measuring our social activity РI guess that as long as people (or consumers) keep following brands online it demonstrates the relevance that brands have to these people.  Just so you know men are twice as likely as women to follow brands on Twitter.