Use Warrick to Reconstruct or Recover a Website

warrick Use Warrick to Reconstruct or Recover a WebsiteSometimes it’s possible to lose all your website data and not have a back-up available. Just recently a client came to us with a big dilemma, somebody had hacked into their website and stolen everything. This is a nightmare situation as they were in the process of rebuilding their website to make it more search engine friendly.

The solution to his hellish problem is a handy little gadget called Warrick.

Warrick is a free program that allows its users to reconstruct or recover a website when the back-up is not available. Warrick utilises the Web, it searches through the Internet Archive, Google, Bing and Yahoo for stored pages and images and then saves then to your local drive.

Warrick’s expertise is to find cached content within the first few days after losing content before they disappear due to re-indexing by search-engines. It’s important you get in there early before the spiders erase all the cached content. However, cached content fluctuates and so it is best to run the Warrick utility multiple times over a couple of weeks.

One of the catches is that the Internet Archive’s data base is around 6-12 months out of date. If you site is younger than this then it will not be able to find any archived data; the trick is to try running Warrick in 6-12 months time but that’s not very helpful if you need recovery now.

To find out more visit their site.

Warrick symbolises the essence of what the Internet is all about. It is people helping each other and providing open source information, all for free. There are other gains to be had other than receiving money for the sale of a product or service, or by filling up your site with advertising.

If it wasn’t for all those programmers out there with their ethos of sharing the Internet would simply become a mess. It would become filled up with malicious software, aggressive advertising and spam.

Let’s hope that in the future we can get the donations system working effectively for nearly all products and services. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole Internet could be based on a donation system? If you download a new music album, movie, eBook, software or use a service it would come with a NFO file with the details of how to donate. If you like the product or service you donate if you don’t then delete.

This is not quite as easy with services; you can’t not pay someone after they have completed some work for you. At the same time a lot of IT services don’t know what they are doing or are fraudulent (especially a lot of SEO companies). Great work requires great rewards; crap work requires crap rewards.

If you do use Warrick, Wikipedia or any other free service, tool, program, utility then please remember to donate. Warrick specifically ask its users to donate to the Internet Archive as they are another non-profit organisation.

Here’s to a future of people helping each other out in an open and honest way. Capitalist markets do not always provide the services we need, it is the non-profit and altruistic organisations and individuals that plug the gaps.