Use WhiteSmoke to Improve Your Writing

Use WhiteSmoke to Improve Your Writing Use WhiteSmoke to Improve Your WritingThe main problem with being a professional blogger, SEO copywriter and journalist is the speed at which you must write.

Having to produce four articles a day is not easy, it requires research, time to formulate ideas and concepts, and then you must accurately transcribe you thoughts to paper. All great writers use professional editors (a person not a program) to make sure that nothing goes out with those annoying little errors.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford professional editors so we must edit ourselves, which is a notoriously hard thing to do. At University I had to leave a full 24 hours between completion of an essay and the proof read, proof reading directly after completion causes you to read over the mistakes and not pick up on them.

Writing at speed combined with having to proof read yourself is with doubt going to lead to errors appearing in your writing.

There are tools to help of course, Windows spelling and grammar checker is the most obvious. This tool is great but has its limitations.

The leading writing correction software on the market today is WhiteSmoke. It has great functions to help writers search for grammar, style (this includes overused words and wordy phrases) and spelling errors, offering an overall score for the piece of writing. One thing we liked at the webandrank office was the easy to use thesaurus function.

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Whitesmoke does offer some great extras over Windows standard spell check. There are a lot of small grammar errors that people make but are completely oblivious to, for example the use of the passive and active voice. Whitesmoke can detect the misuse of this grammar.

WhiteSmoke can be used on a variety of applications, which means you can check the accuracy of emails and other documents not created on Word.

WhiteSmoke has several different packages

  • General
  • Business
  • Creative
  • Bio-Tech
  • Executive
  • Live online English courses

Additional Products

  • Translator
  • Lessons
  • Assistant

WhiteSmoke is certainly a great program but it’s expensive at $79.95 and not really required by proficient writers (unless speed is an issue). Just like with Windows spell checker it has mistakes, some of the comments and edits offered had incorrect spelling and out of context suggestions.

Most professional online writers can agree that this is a perfect program for people who have English as a second language, or people who are not proficient at English.