Used a Deep Linking Strategy

Used a Deep Linking Strategy 150x150 Used a Deep Linking Strategy Most people are familiar with backlinks and how important they are to assist you in your overall SEO efforts.  One area of securing backlinks to your website that is often ignored is the concept of deep linking.  This is the act of securing backlinks to other areas and pages on your website other then the index or home page of your company website or online venture.  Here are a few benefits of using a deep link strategy.

Deep linking to various sections of your website or blog helps major search engines such as Google discover the content that you have published since the website was launched.  This is especially true for those of us that operate blogs and regularly publish topical posts the utilize some of our main keyword phrases.  By securing backlinks directly to these pages or posts, you have a better chance of having them indexed and discovered on a search engine result page as well as improving your own website’s overall ranking in these keyword terms.

By using deep linking you can also better target keyword phrases that you  may not necessarily be able to with you main index page.  While you have a limited number of keyword terms that you can effectively market for your base domain, using secondary pages or blog post and building a network of
backlinks to them will allow you to expand your SEO efforts and thekeyword phrases you’re targeting.

Lastly, deep linking not only helps users find your website, it can also make their experience a bit easier.  You’ve probably searched for something on Google and while reviewing the results you have probably noticed certain websites have additional links listed underneath them from their website or the addition symbol that reads “Show more results from…” followed by the domain name.  This website has obviously used a deep linking strategy to not only have these additional pages indexed by the
search engines but also gives them relevancy to the main keyword phrase entered for the search.