Venus And Mars Use Internet

men woman webandrank.thumbnail Venus And Mars Use InternetI have been wondering if there is any truth in the myth that there aren’t many women working in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO), opting instead for jobs in Social Media (SM).

Taking a look around some of the articles that tackle this subject you would think it was taboo. Discussing the differences between men and women seems perfectly appropriate to me; the world of business has typically been dominated by men but this has been changing since the 60’s. In the ultra-modern world of the Internet it is important that women don’t get left behind, looking around at all the tech news, tech review, SEO, blog tips, hacker tricks etc they are all dominated by male writers.

SEO bloggers all over the web have been asking the questions, where are all the women in SEO? If they do exist, where are they and why are they out of the public eye?

The general sentiments in the world of SEO are that there are lots of women SEOs, lots more than people realise. It might be the case that women SEOs are not as loud and boisterous as there male counterparts. Do men like to put themselves ‘out there’, strutting their stuff while the women are beavering away in the back getting the job done? There might be an element of truth to this but I doubt it, we have all seen the scores of female movie actresses, pop singers and all the women made up for a night on the town.

Actually women are very social creatures and maybe the case is that women tend to be more in the world of social media, PPC, display and PR rather than the technical world of SEO search. Let’s fire a shot back at women, some say women do like to talk a lot, twitter and facebook are perfect for the humans from Venus. The old Victorian concept is that women do not understand science and can not be engineers – of course this is simply not true (women have an equal IQ in all subjects and in fact tend to do better than guys at school).

The sad thing is that all across the world we still see a lack of women in IT and other academic fields (men dominate in all). Some might argue that women don’t like gadgety and geeky things but this could just be a socialisation thing (if you give a girl a doll to play with and you give a boy meccano, what do you expect to happen?) On top of that, it is very intimidating for women to walk into a male dominated world, for those women trying to break the mould it’s really not easy.

I heard one opinion which I thought was interesting. Studying computer science in University is kind of uncool and women tend to lean in the direction of art and design. This may be the reason why so many women in SEO are involved in the design aspect.

Ultimately having female and male niches in this industry is not a positive thing, men and women are equally capable of doing these jobs. The men I know in SEO are having a great time, always busy, lots of techy stuff to learn, meeting new people everyday, adapting to new challenges and it’s profitable. It would be great to pull more women over to ultra-techy side of the business.

As the lines between the social media butterflies from Venus and the geeky men of SEO Mars are becoming less clear we will see a lot more women in SEO in the future.