Voice Communication Software for Small Businesses

Voice Communication Software for Small Businesses Voice Communication Software for Small BusinessesVideo calling is one prediction that the sci-fi movies of the 70s and 80s got right. Just fifteen years ago and nobody imagined that such technology would be so prevalent.Clear lines of communication have always been one of the most important factors in running a successful business. The Internet now allows the world to stay connected faster and cheaper. This is great for small businesses, there are times when many people need to communicate at the same time but are stationed in different places. There exist software to help small businesses conduct conference calls, of course this technology can be used for casual calls too. Oh yeah, and all this software is free too.


A really nice piece of free software for group communications. Ventrilo has sound positioning and sound effects that can be adjusted per user, per channel and per server. It means that a user can fully customise the sound coming from other users. The Ventrilo program is no frills and very simple to use. It does not drain the CPU resources so the user can continue to process other programs while using the communication software.



TeamSpeak has been an industry for 10 years in the gaming arena. It is the preferred choice for call of duty fans and other online games for a long time. TeamSpeak can handle thousands of simultaneous users through its voice servers. CPU usage is low and does not conflict with other programs. It is possible to transfer files easily and without causing problems with the firewall, which is of course very good for small business conferences. TeamSpeak is held up as one of the best communication software’s on the market due to its voice quality and extensive features.



Xfire is a cool alternative to Ventrilo and TeamSpeak. Xfire game up through the gaming scene and is widely used with over 18 million registered users. Xfire is easy to set up so however computer illiterate a small business is this program can still be used. Xfire only works with Windows but has some cool feature such as scripts that can customised for website integration. Another feature is that it’s possible to download a wide variety of patches, demos, trailers and movies directly through Xfire.



For those people who like ultra simple and stripped down software then RogerWilco is the one. It is a tiny piece of software that has no frills and only let’s you transmit your voice on line. Its simplicity made it stand-out against other software.



Skype is the number one favourite for friends and family, but it is also great for small businesses. Skype looks friendly, is easy to use and most people already have it installed. The video conference calls on Skype are great, sharing files is easy, and it can make calls to landlines and mobile phones. Skype has two big downfalls these are, it hogs bandwidth and files transfer slowly or not at all.


Small businesses should never underestimate the power of communication; in the information age communicating has never been easier. Not only is communicating easy its free too (OK, there is the cost of an Internet connection), get online and check out this voice communication software.