Walmart Shooping Online

Walmart Shooping Online Walmart Shooping OnlineAs we all know Walmart is a huge corporation serving the consumerist needs of people all over the world. Walmart boasts 8,500 stores in 15 countries, under 55 different names making it the world’s largest public corporation in 2010 by revenue.Over the years the reputation of Walmart has wavered. Some of the claims against Walmart are: it destroys communities by putting small shops out of business through predator pricing, Walmart have been taken to court over low wages, poor working conditions, inadequate health care and their anti-union policies. Wider issues concerning globalisation, the undermining of the American economy through imports and the use of sweatshops and prison labour highlight why Walmart has so many people campaigning against them.

Walmart Shooping online and buy Kosmix to Influence the Way You Shop

Recent events have moved the retailing monolith further into the evil zone. On 18th April, 2011 Walmart acquired Kosmix Corp for $300 million. Kosmix is a online company that searches, organises and analyses online social data (such as information held on facebook and twitter). Walmart has also launched @WalmartLabs a technology group tasked with advancing the Web and mobile integration of Walmart’s shops.


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This is exactly the kind of activity that Web and Rank finds harmful to the creation of a genuine Internet. Some of us are trying to build honest and open web experiences; others are trying to constantly make money. The modern era in collecting of peoples private online social media data violates our freedoms and makes the Internet a place of business not open knowledge.

The man behind Walmart’s recent move into the world of social media is Mr. Eduardo Castro-Wright, the head of global e-commerce. He states: ‘Our intent with @WalmartLabs is…becoming a part of our customers’ day-to-day lives globally, influencing how they think about shopping, both online and in retail stores.’ Mr. Castro-Wright has explicitly stated that he wants to get into our lives through our social media accounts and influence the way we shop.

@Walmart is an empty twitter page with no tweets, only a handful of followers and they follow no one. It seems like Walmart are gearing up for a full scale attack, the link on the @Walmart account takes you to this page. The page gives a detailed explanation of what Kosmix do and shows exactly how scary this unholy union of Kosmix and Walmart could be.

“At Kosmix, We’ve been building a platform, called the Social Genome, to organise this data deluge by adding a layer of semantic understanding…By analyzing the huge volume of data produced every day on social media, the Social Genome builds rich profiles of users, topic, products, places, and events…Quite a few of us at Kosmix have a background in ecommerce, having worked at companies such as and eBay. As we worked on the Social Genome platform, it became apparent to us that this platform could transform ecommerce by providing an unprecedented level of understanding about customers and products…” and it continues, go and have a read for yourselves.

If you support continued and accelerated consumerism then Walmart’s recent actions are a great thing,