Webandrank Review Blekko Search Engine

blekko search engine Webandrank Review Blekko Search EngineThe new search engine blekko or Google? Needless to say Google is the search king holding nearly 72% of all searches. Everybody working on the industry is waiting for some sort rival to appear and challenge Google’s hegemony. Blekko (still beta) is a search engine making noise on the scene and has been launched to the public at the beginning of this month. Blekko uses result from 3 billion trusted websites and excludes material from such sites as content farms. Blekko is putting itself out there as a better alternative to Google special for some of you SEO fans, but can it really compete? The question is Google or blekko? Having tested blekko for a couple of week’s web and rank has concluded that they do in fact have two superior functions over Google. Blekko offers greater algorithmic transparency and vertical searches through its ‘slashtags’. Algorithmic Transparency Google is notoriously secretive about the algorithms it uses, it’s kind of like that secretive bolognaise recipe guarded so closely by Italian women. The term often used to describe Google is ‘blackbox’. Blekko is offering full transparency with its /rank slashtag option.

ScreenHunter 06 Nov. 22 21.42 Webandrank Review Blekko Search Engine

Above is a search for webandrank/rank. Blekko is showing that Domain, Anchor, Title and URL are the most important factors in ranking. It breaks down the search into ‘web and, ‘web and rank’, ‘webandrank’, ‘web’, ‘weband’, ‘rank’, ‘and rank’, ‘ranking’ and ‘webs’. It combines all the scores to give an overall ranking. Our favourite function is the URL/SEO slashtag search. Check out a search for webandrank.com/seo.

ScreenHunter 05 Nov. 22 21.41 Webandrank Review Blekko Search Engine

Scroll down and you can see some charts and a list of all your inbound links.

ScreenHunter 08 Nov. 22 21.43 Webandrank Review Blekko Search Engine

Vertical Search

Continuing on the theme of slashtags blekko is branding itself as the search engine that can ‘slash the web’. You can use the slashtag to cut away all the unnecessary clutter to get a nice streamlined serp. The most popular slashtag searches are /humor, /blogs, /news, /politics, /gossip and for API’s /Amazon, /Bing, /Flickr, /Twitter, /Youtube.

Here is a search for web and rank /flickr.

ScreenHunter 07 Nov. 22 21.42 Webandrank Review Blekko Search Engine

These are similar to Google’s options to filter searches for images, blogs etc. The bonus of blekko is that you can actually search all of the Flickr images within blekko or search for specific book in Amazon. In this way blekko may be better than Google for searching for relevant and specific viewpoints on niche topics and verticals.

Blekko has raised $24 million in venture capital and hopes to really capture a large part of that search market.