Webandrank Top 10 Best Ranking Posts for Beginner SEO’s

top 10 ranking article webandrank blog.thumbnail Webandrank Top 10 Best Ranking Posts for Beginner SEOsSearching through the never ending data on the Internet can be fun but frustrating. The beauty of the Internet Ranking is that you can access so much info but when you have forgotten how many links you’ve clicked and what page you started from can be over-whelming. It would be nice to have all the data you need in one place and not have to jump around between sites.

The purpose of this blog is to bring all the latest info on SEO news, tips and tricks to all people who care out there (ok and occasionally the odd tech review). I also wanted to collect useful data as a personal record, sometimes I need to look back over our posts to remind myself of certain techniques or helpful tools. We have a decent catalogue of articles now – Webandrank thought it would be cool to bring forward all the most interesting articles posted on the W.A.R blog.

In no particular order here are the top ten most useful W.A.R blog posts for all those up and coming SEO bloggers:

This article will help you to calculate just how many users you have, how to place advertisements and finally calculate the price of those ads.

This one is a personal favourite; I have often wondered if blogging was a ‘teme’. I sometimes think that it’s taking over my brain; but is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I have a back ground in teaching. I taught English in Japan and Indonesia and often locked horns with American teachers (I’m British) about the usage of English. It seems that it does matter what type of English you use when it comes to SEO. Also I think there is an argument about the deterioration of the rich tradition in English literature, as we keep making the language in our blogs simpler and replacing old words with new technological ones will Shakespeare and Bronte finally become irrelevant.

SEO is easy to get wrong and it’s easy to follow the wrong people. Read this and find out how to avoid making these mistakes.

If you want to monetise your blog then this article can help you – also check out ‘how to calculate blog traffic and advertising prices’.

Without links you are nothing. Build up your links and gain more popularity.

One fantastic way to build up the ranks is the strategic placement of SEO enhanced articles.

If you do write an article make sure you strike the right balance between prose for humans and prose for search engines. If you don’t understand then have a read.

Social media, social networking, social social social. To get ahead you must utilise Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Content is king. If you’re not adding anything useful then go home.