Websites Screenshots are Essential

Websites Screenshots are Essential Websites Screenshots are EssentialAfter writing the previous article it dawned on me just how handy these kinds of lists are. Years back when I was learning about computers there was no place to go and find all those usefull tools and programs to keep your computer healthy. It is not just the maintenance programs but all those fantastic apps that do a raft of easy but annoying tasks.

Today we are going to focus on screenshots. As a blogger I know just how handy screenshots can be for making my articles look professional. For writing articles online about other websites screenshots are essential.

There are three types of great screenshot programs to use, web based, plugins and stand alone. These are all for Microsoft Windows but I have included a couple at the bottom for Mac users.


WebShotsPro – can be a bit slow in retrieving your shots.

Thumbalizr – paste in the URL and away you go.


Save as image – this is a nice Firefox plugin.

Pearl Crescent Page Saver – you can save images as either .jpg or .png’s.

Snissa – another Firefox plugin.

Picnik for Firefox – good for importing into the Picnik online image editor.

ieSnapshotter – an internet explorer plugin for taking great screenshots and thumbnails.

Screengrab! – finally, another plugin for taking screenshots.


I personally use one of these myself, it’s called screenhunter and does everything I need.

Screenhunter – light, free, easy to use and has the options to take full screen, page or drag box window pictures.

Screenhunter screenhunter 300x245 Websites Screenshots are Essential

Websites Screenshots are Essential like Screenhunter

FastStone Capture – with this tool the user can take a shot of anything even a freehand-selected area.

WebShot – the bonus feature in this program is the command line utility that enables the automation of taking screenshots.

Printkey – you can replace the print screen function with a better version.

For MAC OS X users (stand alone)

Paparazzi – this one lets you take screenshots of webpages.

InstantShot – a nice piece of freeware that is more advanced than Paparazzi with a bunch more options.

I hope that this list of great programs for taking website screenshots will help all you bloggers and internet journalists out there.