What Music Do You Listen to When Writing? (SEO Music)

seo music webandrank.thumbnail What Music Do You Listen to When Writing? (SEO Music)This topic is not a new one and it is a well known idea that listening to music enhances brain power.
Personally I never write my SEO copies without music and it has become a subconscious thing to slap on some music to settle my brain as I write. The music acts as a distraction to improve concentration, which is a little paradoxical. For me bass music such as dub, dubstep, trip hop and mostly underground UK electro music is what gets me typing away. The low bass vibes totally gear my brain for some heavy thinking. The Webandrank office always has some music playing in the back ground we believe it makes for a harmonic work place and an easy-going atmosphere.
The main types of media are sound, film, TV and the written word. Of all the types of media (of which there are many – too many to comprehend in one little blog article) sound in the form of music is by far the most accessible and emotionally stirring. Watching a movie or the television requires the person to fully concentrate and it becomes difficult to undertake other thinking tasks. It is possible to put on a movie when writing but normally what happens is the person tunes out of the movie and cannot follow the plot. Of course it is impossible to read something while trying to write or undertake most tasks.
Music is the king, it weighs nothing, its encourages a full range of emotion from concentration to excitement, the genres vary to appease all listeners, music has endless rhythms while as we know written stories fit into one of seven categories.
Just think about how people consume music; in their homes, while travelling, as therapy, in theatres, at work, while exercising, during narcotic experiences, at nightclubs, in concert halls, as political motivation etc. The list is endless, the media format of music is totally and utterly amalgamated with the way HUMANS lead their lives.
Shakespeare wrote ‘The man that hath no music in himself…Is fit for treasons stratagems, and spoils.’ (The Merchant of Venice).
SEO copywriters and all people out there who use music to aid themselves to think and write might be interested by a few facts and statistics

  • Students score higher on their SATs if they take music courses over those who have no arts participation. Students that take courses in music performance scored 53 points higher on the verbal and 39 points higher on the math, and students that take music appreciation scored 61 points higher on verbal and 42 points higher on math.
  • Students that studied music majors make up 66% of people accepted as medical students.
  • Studies continue to show that music training is far superior to computer training in the early learning development.
  • In America a Gallup poll shows that 113 million or 53% of US citizens over the age of 12 are current or former music makers.
  • Music and the arts make money; they generate an estimated $37 billion with a return of $3.4 billion in federal income taxes.
  • According to Michael Greene of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences ‘ The arts are an economic plus – second only to aerospace as our most lucrative national export’.
  • Another interesting quote came from Robert E. Allen the chairman and chief executive officer of AT&T Corporation ‘grounding in the arts will help our children to see; to bring a uniquely human perspective to science and technology. In short, it will help them as they grow smarter to also grow wiser’.

Please check out this website for a stack of great information, facts and statistics.
The purpose of this article is to put down in writing the strong feelings the author has towards the media of music. Music lightens up our lives and helps us to become better human beings. Music is constantly being developed, with the youth creating new genres all the time.
In the world of blogging are we losing our musical side; SEO music, SEM music and tech are becoming bland and devoid of an artistic soul. After all if all technology fails, there will be no more TV, no more movies, no more printed text, there will be only the spoken word and music.
Here it is a big thank you to all of those talented men and women that create the melodies that help us through our lives. From the classic greats, through jazz masters, rock legends and hip hop MCs.