When and What to Buy in 2011

When and What to Buy in 2011 When and What to Buy in 2011Shopping trial.Have our lives become so organised now that we can actually make a yearly shopping list?In short, yes they have. Due to certain holidays (like father’s day), times of year and other factors we can now make solid predictions on when things will be at their cheapest.

I spotted this list over on lifehacker.com, a great blog by the way.

When and what to buy in 2011

First Quarter – Gas grills and air conditioners

January – Bicycles, Sporting Goods, Furniture, Digital frames and Carpeting

February – Tools, Chocolate, Digital cameras

March – Luggage, Frozen foods, Winter coats, Winter sports gear and Boats

Second Quarter – Televisions, House (for availability) and Boots and some Winter wear

April – Cruises, Car accessories and parts, Laptops, Fabric, Cookware, Vacuum cleaners and Sneakers

May – Patio furniture, Party supplies, Cookware and Vacuum cleaners

June – Gym memberships, Tools (June 1-20 Father’s Day sales), Dishes and Suits

Third Quarter – Big appliances (mainly September and October)

July – Furniture, Older computers, Broadway tickets, Grills (after July 4th)

August – Laptops, Older computers, Kid’s clothing, Good wine, Linens, Storage containers, Camping supplies

September – Cars (weekend mornings), Lawn mowers, Good wine, Laptops, Holiday insurance, Toys and Games

Fourth Quarter – Shrubs, Trees and Bulbs (that you can store until Spring)

October – Car accessories and parts, Jeans, Big appliances, Cookware, Health insurance, Toys and Games

November – Candy, Aluminum foil, Plastic wrap, Cookware, Wedding dresses, HDTV and Home theater equipment

December – Wedding dresses, HDTV, Home theater equipment, Tools, Champagne and Off-color cars

For those big purchases you can now see when the best time to buy in 2011 is.