Why Can’t I Get My Computer To Turn On?

computer webandrank.thumbnail Why Cant I Get My Computer To Turn On?If you have found that your computer won’t turn on your first reaction might be to panic. Maybe you have all types of important documents on there and you fear that you have lost them forever. If you haven’t backed everything up then this could be a real possibility. But before you really start to panic there are a few things you can check first. The fact that your computer is not working has probably been caused by a very simple reason.

– If you are using a battery to power the computer then it could well be that it has drained completely. As batteries get older they are only able to hold a charge for a short time period eventually they won’t be able to hold a charge at all. You might be able to get your computer working if you plug it in to a mains switch.

– If the computer is already plugged in then make sure all the connections are plugged in properly. Check the electricity in the rest of the house or change the power outlet you are using.

– There have been a lot of people who thought that their computer was broken but then found out afterwards that someone had turned down the brightness on the monitor. It is very important that you check this immediately if you think that your computer is not working because this could be the cause.

– Try to see if your computer is making any sounds. Can you hear the CD Rom working or are there any LCD lights working. If you see that these are working properly then you know that the problem does not lie with the power supply.

– Try resetting the computer again and see if this makes any difference.

If your computer still doesn’t work after you have tried a few of these things then you should contact the professionals. Don’t worry in most instances they will be able to repair your computer or at least retrieve the data.

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