WordPress Adapted for iPad – Show Them How Good it Can Be

WordPress Adapted for iPad Show Them How Good it Can Be WordPress Adapted for iPad   Show Them How Good it Can BeThe iPad yesterday has hit the ground running with over a million units sold. The Luddite community has hailed the iPad as useless technology but the real truth is that it’s cool and it’s the future. The touch screen technology and its potential to replace the printed publication have ensured its importance in the future. With some many blogs out there, it is a race to see who can adapt the blogging scene to produce a beautiful and easy to use layout for the tablet platform.

WordPress has been working with Onswipe to re-invent the WordPress blog for the iPad.

“Our iPad-optimized view is app-like in its functionality, but pure HTML5 goodness on the backend: it supports touch interactions, swiping, rotation, and many other features of the iPad”

The WordPress adaptation for iPad includes some cool features. By clicking on Appearance > iPad in the dashboard the user can:

  • Select a theme that uses an image from recent posts as a cover.
  • Use a logo on the cover to showcase the brand.
  • Upload an image to be used as a loading graphic when visitors add the site to their home screen.
  • Switchable fonts.
  • Change the skin colour from 9 choices.

The new Onswipe interface is super slick, when a user taps a post the full content will appear with all the usual commenting and social sharing tools. WordPress state that they are currently seeing about 750,000 page views a day from iPad users, a number set to rise. WordPress is only working with iPad at the moment but in the future it should be adapted for other tablets such as the Motorola Xoom and HP TouchPad.

Here’s the link to the Onswipe plugin available for self-hosted WordPress.org sites