WordPress Writing Help Pro Blogger

ScreenHunter 02 Apr. 30 18.56 WordPress Writing Help Pro Blogger

WordPress Writing Helper makes Writing Easier.Well, a little bit easier anyway. WordPress have added a new feature to speed up the writing process and improve the technical quality of blog posts for the pro bloggers. The new feature is called Writing Helper and sits underneath the edit box on the Add a Post Screen and dragged to the right side of the edit box if the user desires.


Writing Helper has two abilities that bloggers may find useful. The first ability is Copy A Post, this allows the user to copy the entirety of an old post into a new post. The basic function for this is to quickly reuse the same tags and categories of a previous post, for those who frequently right posts about the same topic, will understand how this can save time. The title and content are also copied, sometimes posts have similar content, and with the Copy A Post ability you can save time by re-hashing old content. By pressing the Copy A Post button a user can pick from a recent post list of simply search for a post by title to copy.


The second ability, Request Feedback, is something that only less frequent writers might find useful. It allows users to share a draft of a post with an acquaintance before it is published. The idea is that the person reading the draft will find typos, grammar mistakes etc, to make the post perfect before publishing. By pressing the Request Feedback button a box pops up to enter the desired email, this will send a private link to that email address. The feedback will then arrive in the post’s Request Feedback area, easily accessible for the author to access and enact.


The problem with Request Feedback is that it could take a long time for a friend to reply. For any bloggers that post several times a day this function is not going to be useful. However, every now and then people do post important and lengthy academic style posts that need to be proof read by a second party before being published. Even so, Request Feedback, is kind of redundant as a means of communication, with the new channels of communication offered through social media, people can quickly ping over drafts of work as a small word (or any word processing format) to be read on the spot by a friend that is already visibly online.