Yahoo Makes Changes to its Associated Content Pages

yahoo content.thumbnail Yahoo Makes Changes to its Associated Content PagesThe phrase ‘associated content’ gets used a lot these days but what does it exactly mean?

Associated Content according to wiki ‘is an online publisher and distributor of original content. Associated Content enables anyone to publish their content on any topic and distributes that content through its website and content partners’.


I doubt that all content posted on Associated Content is original, they like to tell you it is, but that’s another argument all together.

Back in May this year Yahoo paid $100 million for Associated Content which is now the world’s largest source of community-created content.

It would seem that people are confused by the original title as Yahoo have rebranded the service to Yahoo! Contributor Network and given a colour scheme change to boot.

The new integrated system boasts a triplet of significant changes.

·         The user profile, account dashboard and content menu will display content that has been published throughout the Yahoo! network, including page view data.

·         A new system of earning Performance Payments has been introduced on many Yahoo! sites.

·         Content will now sit on more than one Yahoo! site and content creators can earn Performance Payments on each.

The Associated Content co-founder Luke Beatty had this to say about the changes, ‘our content creators get paid according to traffic, and since Yahoo has more traffic than Associated Content, that should boost their earnings..But we also think of it as a minor league journalism system. They’ll have a chance to make it to the top of Yahoo’s channel pages. There will be more exposure for people who write great sports stories and it will move their careers, if that’s what they want’. is now the official digital library of the Yahoo! Contributor Network. If a contributor adds content to the Contributor Network it will also be uploaded to the Associated Content site meaning that the old system of payments will remain in place.

It looks as if the new way of doing things is going to benefit everybody involved. Writers can earn more and have greater opportunities to forward their careers due to increased exposure. Readers of the content can hope to see a greater amount of variety and quality.