Yahoo Traffic Will Disappear Next Month

yahoo bing webandrank.thumbnail Yahoo Traffic Will Disappear Next MonthYahoo to make the transition to Bing search results very soon.

Do not concern yourself with Yahoo search rankings and the traffic the Yahoo search engine brings to your website. As early as next month, nobody will give a crap about how well you have fooled Yahoo into increasing the rank of your website.

A couple of days ago Yahoo! fired out a communication to its advertisers informing them about the transition of organic search results to those of Bing. The following is an abstract form the e-mail.

“Assuming our testing continues to yield good high quality results, we anticipate that our organic search results, will be powered by the Bing search engine beginning in the August/September timeframe.

If organic search results are an important source of referrals to your site, you’ll want to make sure that you’re fully prepared and ready for this change”

For those of you that don’t know out there, organic search results are ‘listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search term, as opposed to their being advertisements’.

The sites that will suffer the most are the minisites and mass-produced sites, these two types of site seem to rank highly on Yahoo. Once the transition has been finalised all that will matter is how well you rank in Bing and Google.