VOIP Get a Yellow Card

VOIP Get a Yellow Card 150x150 VOIP Get a Yellow CardAccording to The China Morning Post VOIP services could be provided only by the National operators China Telecom and China Uniom.The Ministry of Information and Industry Technology  will shot down in China what it called illegal Internet telephone providers like Skype and start legal case  since Friday.

Luxembourg based Skype Technologies SA is going fix it  by software patch and make the popular VOIP available by download and  accessible for Chinese users via Tom Online Skype partner .Banning all the not Chinese Internet Phone Calls is surprise the international internet community,but the users will by Ip jumping or other trick find access and use Skype again. Internet business service and products in China is about 1.3 billion persons.

Professor Kan Kaili of China University said “Currently a lot of pressure from the market, lifting the telephone network than necessary! But a process, then by the pilot to promote the full release. Though still a small number of pilot projects, but to existing the basis of network operators to bring a lot of pressure”.Is clear China governament focused in private capital not VOIP on limited computer and telephone ( PC-Phone) approach in Mainland.

VoIP is voice-over-Internet protocol, which allows users to make international calls at a much lower price than commercial providers – or even free, if both parties are using VOIP. Many businesses that use VOIP services to cut down on their international telephone costs could lose access to the cheaper alternative.

Skype, partly owned by Web retailer eBay, has been growing in popularity among Chinese individuals and businesses to make cheap or free international phone calls.

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The circular, dated Dec. 10, did not say what amounted to illegal services and did not name any VoIP providers it considered to be breaking the law.

Spokesmen for the ministry and the ministry’s office gathering information for the campaign did not answer telephone calls Friday. Skype could not immediately be reached for comment.

The move appeared to be aimed at protecting China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, three government-controlled carriers that provide the bulk of China’s telephone service.

Representatives of China Telecom and China Unicom did not answer phone calls Friday. A spokeswoman for China Mobile, reached in Beijing, referred calls to the company’s Hong Kong office. Attempts to reach that office were unsuccessful.

Skype, which has about 124 million users worldwide, hopes to raise about $1 billion in an initial public offering expected this year.