You Might Want to Pay Attention to Bing

You Might Want to Pay Attention to Bing 150x150 You Might Want to Pay Attention to BingIf you’re working on optimizing your website and its content with simply Google in mind, you may want to rethink your strategy.  While Google continues to hold the lion’s share of the search engine business, that pesky little Bing continues to grow and was responsible for approximately one out of every four searches executed on the web in November 2010. If anyone’s paying attention that is well up from the barely 10% share they had 12 months ago.  This is quite the feat for Microsoft’s latest venture into the search engine war that many felt would fail to grab relevancy both amongst users and SEO company..

While Bing and Google look for many of the same things, they do differ in a few areas.  If you’re looking at starting an additional site or blog to begin promoting your main site, you may want to purchase an existing site or domain name in order to accomplish this.  Bing seems to pass its search engine favor to domains that are aged rather then newly registered domain names.

Bing also wants to make sure that the websites they send their search engine users to actually have a good deal of content to review.  Make sure that all of your indexed pages have at least 300 words of relevant content or Bing might decide to bury your website or online venture much farther down their results pages.

While linking to your webpage is taken into consideration by the Bing search engine, its not as important to them as it is to Google.  If you utilize a search engine plugin for your browser such as SeoQuake, take a keyword phrase and input them in both Google and Bing in order to review the results.  You’ll notice that some of the first page listings on Bing have far less links and lower PR value then the first page rankings on Google.  In fact for some very competitive keyword phrases we’ve even seen PR0 websites in the top 10 quite often.

While Bing is growing and you should start giving them more consideration when planning out your SEO strategy, remember that Google is still responsible for over 70% of all users and should not be ignored.