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ranking map.thumbnail Your Map Ranking Thanks to Lars Rasmussen “now crossed over to Facebook, today our local business online can refer to a solid map Google software platform.Advertising your business on Google Maps are hugely beneficial for your business. Millions of people search Google Maps everyday and being a part of the index improves your businesses exposure.
The system lets you list your opening hours, add photos and videos, people can have a good idea of what your business looks like without even visiting the store. even if you do not have a website for your business you can still add it to Google Maps.
Not only does it help you to improve your Internet rank but also your map ranking, it of course makes it easier for people to find you in the real world. The other benefit of having a presence on Google Maps is that it makes your business look official, many people still think that it is Google’s choice to add you onto their map system.
In fact by just following a few easy steps your business can be on Google Maps within 24 hours.
Follow this link for the Google wizard
You can login though your existing Google account or simply create a new one. Once you have signed in it takes through to a page that allows you to add one single listing or to bulk add several at the same time.


screenhunter 04 nov 04 2255 Your Map Ranking

Click on add listing and then choose your country and input your telephone number.
Sometimes Google is able to find your business simply through the phone number but if not don’t worry. The next screen has the data entry section on the left and the map on the right. the map updates itself as you enter your details. It is possibel to enter opening times, payment methods, if you are a delivery service areas you deliver to, photos (up to 10), videos and other information.
After you have added all the information you like you may now request a pin by phone, sms or postcard to verify your account. Note, only the essential info is needed (e.g. address) but its recommened to add a picture and give opening hours. This helps potential customers to get a good idea of your business.
Click finish at the bottom of the screen and it takes through to the pin entry page once you have added the pin you are finished.